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residential school, when defined in its simplest form, is an institution that provides education to students who live on the premises of the same. Students stay separately from their parents’ house and stay with other such students in rooms and dorms and buildings. Contrary to a day school, students don’t commute from their parents’ homes to a school. Instead, they stay inside an institution that does the work of hosting a school as well as facilitates the accommodation of its students.

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Key Differences

Other than the clear difference regarding the stay of students, other factors differentiate a boarding school from a regular day school.

  • Parental Influence:

Children in a day school are regularly in touch with their parents, hence they are also under their constant care and influence while the boarding school students are pretty much on their own for the most of the year. They do see their parents on their occasional visits and vacations but other than that they are under relatively strict and formal caretaking environments.

  • Independent:

It is usually witnessed that the students who have been a part of a boarding school in their educational years, learn to be independent speedily and probably better than those who have not seen the face of such an establishment. A simple reason being, having to take care of their mess on their own instead of pawning it on their parents.

  • Mentality:

The thinking capability, intelligence, and overall mental conditioning of a person do depend on the atmosphere he is in every day. A person who lives with his parents will be different than a person who spends most of his time surrounded by his peers. It affects a student’s personality to some extent, whether it is beneficial or harmful.

An Ideal Boarding School to get in touch with!

Not a single institution on the planet is a perfect one. But it doesn’t need to be. It needs to be ideal. A perfect one would be without any problems, but an ideal institution would be the one with negligible problems and the capability to solve them speedily and effectively when need be.

In the case of a boarding school, it would be the one that focuses on the all-round development of a student. It should not just focus on making one of their aspects better and compromise on the other one but should try to be good at all of them. A good example would be where students get a good quality of education, hygienic food, proper accommodation, and a stress-free environment.

The best school candidate would definitely miss his family and his neighborhood, but the school’s job should be to provide him with an environment that makes him forget that and help him focus on his personal development.

Another crucial aspect is that the student should feel protected. Vices such as bullying and hateful behavior should be strictly prohibited, and proper action must be taken towards their prevention. All these are necessary as well as sufficient conditions to make a boarding school an ideal one.


A student is the torchbearer of a country’s bright future and deserves the best education and treatment. Whether the concept of a boarding school and its effect on a student’s life is for better or worse, is something that probably will never be agreed upon unanimously. But it depends on the point of view of every parent and differs for every student. The bottom line should always be the progress of students and their quality of life and education.

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