Top 6 Stunning Gold Necklace Designs for Ladies

Shopping for jewelry is often challenging for ladies. Sometimes, we get so overwhelmed by a large collection of necklaces that we end up making purchases that we regret later. Whether you are looking for the latest locket for girls or the gold pendant sets, you need to consider the design and quality of the jewellery before making a purchase.

Top 6 Stunning Gold Necklace Designs for Ladies

While artificial necklaces and pendants are trending nowadays, the demand for gold jewellery is never fading anytime soon. Luckily, the gold necklace comes in unique and stylish designs. You can choose a traditional necklace that features intricate details or a modern design with minimal detail. Either way, the gold necklace will complete your traditional look.

Here we’ve compiled a list of the exceptional and intricate gold necklace designs for women. Choose the most suitable one and place an order right away.

1.  Classic Gold Necklace

A simple and classy 5-gram jewellery piece will be the classic gold necklace. The set comes with a pair of gold dangling earrings. You can get either a long chain necklace or the normal length, pendant-style piece. Try to stick to a simple, traditional design as it looks extremely classy. Classic Gold necklaces can be paired with the traditional outfits. They are the best options for weddings, parties, occasions, and traditional events.

2.  Rope Chain

If you are a simplicity lover, you are going to like the rope chain gold necklace. As the name implies, the design is pretty simple. The necklace boasts the chain following a twisted rope design. You can wear it every day i.e. when going to work. When the light hits this jewellery piece, it glimmers.

Ladies are often spotted wearing it at wedding parties and special occasions. Catch the attention of the guests with this magnificent twisted rope chain necklace.

3.  Light Weight Necklace Set

Nothing can complement your traditional look better than the lightweight and simple necklace design. This simple necklace comes along with a pair of matching earrings. You can wear such jewellery to casual occasions, social gatherings, public events, and even office. The speciality of such necklaces is their delicate design.

4.  Kundan Choker Necklace

If you are planning to attend a wedding, you must consider the Kundan Choker Necklace. These gold necklaces are crafted using precious Kundan stones and contain lots of details and intricacies. Note that Kundan Choker necklaces are pretty heavy. Such necklaces hug your neck snugly and shine bright in the light. The fascinating stonework looks exceptionally beautiful on your neck. Ladies often wear it on special occasions such as weddings.

5.  Step Necklace Design

Step necklaces have many layers of gold chains in them. They are relatively new to the fashion industry but have already achieved popularity. Such necklaces are available in simple as well as intricate designs. For example, the peacock design step necklaces are quite in demand these days. The peacock embellished with unique colour stones looks attractive with the gold layered necklace. It is more of a classy necklace that can be worn to any special occasion.

6.  Pearl and Crystal Necklace

Pearl is a symbol of simplicity, class, and royalty. The pearl and gold necklaces date back to the ancient era. The combination of the pearl and crystal in the gold necklace looks extremely wonderful. It gives a royal look.

It can be quite heavy considering the heavy pearls and crystal embellishment in it. Overall, this necklace can be your statement piece. Wear it to parties and special occasions and surprise your friends.

These were the top 6 designs of gold necklaces. Choose your favourite design and have your necklace designed right away.

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