Top 5 Technology Trends of 2015 to Improve Trade Show ROI

Tradeshow is one of the popular business promotion platforms in the world. Tradeshows technology trends are becoming more and more popular. As it’s the world of technology and we all know it can boost any trade show displays popularity. Just to keep your audience busy and entertained is not the only thing which can enhance the look of your booth, as it can help you in lead generation. Tradeshow technology can be helpful for improving ROI. In This article we are providing you the ways to incorporate technology into your display system.

WiFi Internet Access

WiFi Internet Access

WiFi internet access in tradeshow is not a new concept but by providing unrestricted Wi-Fi access at a trade lead to chances of improvement of ROI in such ways-

  • This can benefit your customers to easily access their emails and other social networking sites without worrying finding a spot for internet access which means they would spend more time on your site.
  • When it comes to seller it’s even more beneficial for them as they can easily track and maintain details about sales, leads and customer visits.

Video Monitors at Your Booth

Video Monitors at Your Booth

This technique is helpful in a way like if all your staff members are busy attending the customers, video monitors will keep a track of people visiting your trade show booth while you are busy doing your work. You can even use monitors to display a presentation of what your company does and your products. Place more than one monitor strategically around your booth so that they can easily be seen by all of your visitors.

In Addition you can use these monitors to showcase your one of the best selling products with current offers or deals. This will make your tradeshow visitor to take a quick action for buying or not.

Use Smart Phones or Tablets

Smart phones and tablets can be used in many ways to store information regarding leads. You can even click pictures of their business cards to avoid the confusion of their handwritten information which are not sometimes easy to understand. Save your time by saving pictures in your phone this way you will have all your data in one place which will be easy to maintain.

Customers will surely appreciate this set with your phones which give them access to view your website. By offering this set up you are giving opportunity to your buyers to see what you are offering in actual. This gives your buyers reliable information about your website.

Trade Show Apps

Trade show Apps are specially designed for both buyers and sellers at trade showsv; the app is designed for organizers, attendees and vendor to make their communication easy. But what we see that mostly free and easily affordable tool has been used in trade show industry just to prepare low cost registration programs.

From the point of ROI benefit of these mobile apps technologies is quite simple; it can slow down the financial costs of trade event promotion and its time saving also. As you see all the apps which organizer and vendor can use to promote are absolutely free.

Offer both Traditional and Digital Information

As you know more people prefer digital information over traditional but for trade-show organizer it’s important to have both at the booth. Digital brochures are less expensive and less space consuming. It becomes very easy for attendees in case of digital information because it can be easily emailed to them. The collection of amount of brochures can be stupendous. But you never know you will get attendee which can prefer traditional print materials so it is more important to have both at your booth for visitors.

It’s interesting to know how different vendors are using technology in tradeshow booths to stand out in a crowd. These ideas may be helpful to create a winning strategy.

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