Top 5 Email Marketing Tips

Today’s age is the age of all digitalization. Wherever you go you find everything digitalized and connected. Nowadays you see a smartphone in everyone’s hand. All now have access to internet and their facilities. Whatever you want to know or have confusion about something you can find it on internet.

As internet is offering many facilities and services, one of them is Email Marketing. If you have your business or product or anything to which you want to market it on internet then E-mail marketing is the best way you can reach to millions of people in just one click. You can expand your business through E-mail marketing.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Here are some tips which can help you in email marketing:

1.    Whenever you send email or emails by any software then make sure your subscribers to add you to the safe sender list. By doing this your email marketing campaigns will go into subscribers’ inboxes rather than into junk mail folder.

2.    Always make sure that whenever you send emails then do not include any image in it or do not send an image email because recipients will not see any image included in the email. Instead of sending an image based email, send or use a coded html. Always use html to enhance the design of email.

3.    Give or offer users an option to leave your mailing list provided they could easily leave your mailing list rather than marking it as a spam. Sometimes users get frustrated when this kind of option is not offered and they flag your emails as spam. This will affect the reputation and authenticity of emails.

4.    It is not good if your emails are marked as spam because then there is nothing any kind of benefit you get when sending emails. You should always follow spam guidelines whenever you send emails provided your emails can remain out of spam.

5.    Some people always hate reading because after all we have read a lot! So whenever you send your email, keep its text short and simple and bold the words that you think important to users as well as color them provided they look highlighted. In simple words write user friendly and effective content.

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