Top 10 New SEO Techniques in 2019 (9th Is Really Awesome)

Nobody knows what’s going on in SEO. Webmasters are researching on daily basis but they are not getting success in their mission because Google is changing its algorithm on monthly basic. Until webmasters complete their research Google launches their new algorithm.

So, What we do now!

But webmaster never loses, they try again and again.

I am researching on the latest algorithm and new SEO techniques that I want to share with you.

1.      Wikipedia Broken Link Building

Many broken links are available on WiKipedia, you just need to search with the following syntax in Google. intext:”[dead link]” “Keyword”

search wikipedia dead linksdead links in wikipedia

Wikipedia doesn’t take it too seriously, if anybody fix broken link to their related link, but relevancy does matter, so some time the links are removed.

2.      Internal Link on High Authority Pages

Check every page of your website and select high authority pages for internal linking on high competitive keywords.

Download Moz Tool bar >> Check page authority

check page authority by moz toolbar

3.      Write Blog Posts on Top 10, Lists of and How To Related Topics

There are lots of long tail keywords that help to generate quality traffic as well business. If you are running any type of business, the following words help you to create a quality blog post:

A. Top 10
B. List of
C. How To
D. How Many
E. What is
F. When is
G. What to do

4.      First Link Priority Rules:

Google gives priority to the first link on a web page. Every webmaster does the same mistake. If you are targeting same URL on two different or same anchor links on a single page then you are making a mistake.


First link priority

What do you thing? Which URL gets benefit of the anchor link?

If you have one link on one targeted keyword then your goal will be clear.

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5.      Improve Twitter followers by

This is a good tool to get targeted followers on your business twitter account.

What is

What is Followr Club

Follow the steps:

a)      Login with your twitter account.

b)      In Preferences add your target #tags.(Max 5).

c)      Click on Update preferences button.

Followers Club

6.      Always Keep Your Meta at Top

What should read by Google first on your website? Meta? Yes, you are right. Meta Data play a very important role to get higher ranking in Search Engine but there are many CMS available that put the information at the bottom of the header.

How to check where is the Meta Data?

–          Open your website in Google Chrome.

–          Press Ctrl+U  or

–          Type in address bar.

If search engine reads the meta title, description and keywords first then it increases the chance of a higher ranking.

7.      Check your content with

It is a nice tool to check content duplication. There are two options available in this tool to check content duplication.

a)      By URL : In this option you just need to put your page url in a text box and click on the Go button to check how many percentage of duplication your content has. Copyscape provides some attempt FREE.

copyscape tool

b)      By Content: In the second option you have to put your whole content in a text box to check.

8.      Update your old published Blog post and other Backlinks

Updating helps to re-invite crawler on a web page. Google also likes updated content and provide better ranking.

How to Update Content?

a)      Add or edit content

b)      Add related internal/external links with the title attribute.

c)      Add branded videos, images and infographics.

d)     Change meta data.

9.      Use Reddit and Stumbleupon for Quranteed visitors

Reddit and StumbleUpon are most powerful social media network to get quality visitors. Is it easy to get quality visits from the networks? Yes, it is very simple.

Here we are sharing some tips for both:

a) : Create new account, find related subreddit and submit a new link here.

how to choose subreddit

Each Subreddit has a different number of readers, so you should choose the subreddit that more readers with relevancy.

b) : Login with already exist account or create a new one. Click on Add a Page

stumpleupon add new page

Select the related “What’s this page about?” according to relevancy and target audience for best result.

10.  Google News

Want to get your blog or news into Google News? Google News provides the best news to its target audience. It has very strict guidelines for inclusion in Google News.

Please follow the steps :

Log in to the Gmail Account in which your website is verified to Google Webmaster Tool.

Click here to request for inclusion in Google News and fill the form with all necessary information.

Google News Verification

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