Top 10 Free Android Apps 2013

Here is a list of the very best free Android apps for 2020 selected by The Android apps are not harder to find in the crowded Android.

Top Free Android Applications

Top Free Android Applications

1. WeChat : It is a new way to connect with friends, you can send free text massage, voice messages and video calls by this android application.

2. WhatsApp: This is most popular android application now a day. It is a simple messenger to chat already added persons in your mobile by recorded voice massage, videos and text messages.

3.  Temple Run: It is an interesting android game. In this game a man runs to save his life. You can download 2 version of this game through android free.

4.  Truecaller: This application helps to know unknown number identity. When you receive a call from unknown number then the application searches the identity of the number from its database.

5.   Talking Tom: Tom is a cat who repeat your words in its voice and also have some funny movements to entertain you. Children like the application most.

6.  Speed Moto: It is a motorbike racing game. Create a high scores and collect the coins as can as possible in this game.

7.  Angry Bird: In this enjoying application use the unique powers of the Angry Birds to destroy the greedy pigs’ and make your high score, reach for next step.

8.  Facebook: Now you can easily contact your facebook friends by this application anywhere, anytime.

9.   Skype: Enjoy skype features on your mobile by skype android application.

10. Viber: Feel free to call your friends free but need proper internet connection to do better voice call.

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