Time Management is the Key to Success

Have you ever thought of the most challenging task for students, pursuing their postgraduate and doctoral degrees? If you haven’t yet thought of this question, then, it seems you haven’t seriously planned for research.

Now, here comes the answer! The most crucial challenge while writing a dissertation is to finish the task within the given time frame. Now, the burning question is how to complete a dissertation on time. So, here we share a few important tips for students facing challenges of meeting deadlines:

  • Students should plan their action according to their requirements
  • They should try to avoid anxiety while writing
  • They should try to improve their time management skills
  • Completing a dissertation should be divided into several series of tasks and should never be categorised as a single task
  • Finishing each and every task on time is important to finish the complete project
  • The student should also fix deadline for word count to be finished in an hour or day
  • Achieving an initial target word count of 500 words daily is decent enough to maintain writing flow and to finish dissertation on time
  • With passing of time, he can raise his daily targets
  • Motivation from friends and family members play a big role in the complete process.
  • The student should focus on each and every series of a task as this ensures that each chapter gets due attention
  • This is more important than focusing on complete task as a whole
  • A task can be completed within deadline if its series are completed one by one
  • When students feel tired and can’t proceed ahead, they should start writing their academic ideas, which is highly advisable.
  • This initiative helps them overcome the block and write creative.
  • They should imbibe patience and plan accordingly to accomplish their aims
  • They should remain emotionally prepared to fight out all challenges

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