The Ultimate Guide to Increase Instagram Followers!

Instagram is indeed a wonderful social media network for photo sharing, but it is only exciting if other users are also following you. However, with so many members in this platform, it can be quite difficult to cut through the buzz and be followed back by those people you follow. Having many followers only means that there’s more chance for them to see your posts, and the other users will also begin to notice your presence, letting you gain more and more followers than you ever expected.

However, if you are not really that ‘famous’ or popular (like a celeb), your chances of getting many followers can be very limited. It will take you more time and effort for them to follow you back. Thankfully, you can use various techniques on how to get Instagram followers the easy way.

Here’s how you can increase your followers:

1. Make your account public

The first step on how to get more Instagram followers is making your account public. How can you even gain many followers if your account is private? Remember that your aim is to increase your Instagram followers, and no one will get the chance to follow you if you hide yourself from the crowd.

2. Pick great and wonderful photos

Images that are of good quality can easily attract many Instagram users, letting you get a strong response from them. Hence, you must carefully pick photos that are attractive, interesting, compelling or well-composed.

3. Make use of the popular or trending hashtags

Hashtags allow people to search for particular themes to tag and categorize a particular content. Tagging your photos using hashtag also makes it possible for them to find you. Therefore, if you will use popular hashtags, other Instagram users will also end up seeing your pictures linked to that hashtag and subsequently check out for what you have posted. This will instantly garner quick attention from Instagram users that will successively follow you.

4. Post at Peak time 

Before you post anything in your Instagram, make sure to consider the time zone where majority of the audiences are checking their account. Post your photo during peak time where everybody is also visiting their account. The best time when many people are checking their account is during morning before they go to school or work and after the day (when they are already home from work/school).

5. Make use of Geotags

Same as hashtags, geotag is also one of the best ways on how to get Instagram followers. Geotagging offers another data point that can be used in categorizing and displaying contents. Other Instagram users that might be in the same location where you are can browse photos that are on nearby places, and as a result, your photo is more likely to be viewed by these people.

6. Comment, like and follow others

Another way on how to get Instagram followers is by means of generously giving them your ‘likes’ especially to their photos that caught your interest. If possible, you should also give a positive comment to their posts if you find it interesting. Taking your time liking and giving comment to other Instagram followers can surely drive new viewers to visit your profile.

7. Touch up your profile with Filter

Filter is what made any profile more popular. In photo sharing site like Instagram, it is very important to give your photo a unique and exciting sense, enticing many people to look at your profile. By using Filter, you can personalize the photo, making it more captivating and appealing. By personalizing your photo and making it interesting, people are likely to like your images.

8. Update your Account regularly

To avoid losing your followers, you must update your account at least once a day. Most often, people lost their followers because of 2 reasons: not posting enough and posting too much. Many of us mostly unfollow boring or inactive accounts. So one of the good rule to take into consideration is to update your account with some entertaining and relevant contents at least once daily.

Understand more about Instagram, get started, and create and increase your followers. And then, leverage the power it can bring to your personal account and especially to businesses. You can use Instagram in so many ways when you have many Instagram followers, whether it is for your self-development, or you want to share your talents and interests in certain aspects like food photography or scenic photography, or even when you want to increase traffic for your business.


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