The Pros and Cons of Classroom Video Recording

Often class lectures given by professors are difficult to understand. Some lessons cannot be grasped until they are heard for a third or fourth time. Well, you cannot compel your professor to give the same lectures three times, and that is where the video recordings come in. If you are absent from the class, you can take the help of these recordings. You can also lend these videos to your friends who were ill and could not make it to the class. There are chances of making these videos public through social platforms, resulting in chaos, thus many professors and colleges are against the idea.

Classroom Video Recording

Let us look in to the positive and negative aspects of classroom video recording –
Pros –

• The student can review the lectures whenever they want.
• Visual lectures have more effect on the learning than some incomplete notes scribbled during the classes.
• The student can also take notes while the classroom video recording system is recording the lectures.
• The student can always share the videos with their classmates who have missed the class or not understanding the subject.
• If any student is ill and cannot attend the lectures, videos will deliver the entire lessons without missing out any information. This can seldom happen through notes.
• Sometimes, students miss notebooks or written pages. In such cases, videos are like a backup to the study materials.
• Some students are very slow in writing. They often miss out on the lecture while trying to write down the maximum number of points told by the professors. If they know that everything is being recorded, they can sit back and listen to the lectures intently.
• Technology has brought out modern voice-activated recorders that are tiny and unobtrusive. These gadgets are not going to disturb the class or divert any ones attention.
• It is also ideal for distance learning students and part time students who do not have the time to go attend classes. Videos provide flexibility to watch the lectures from anywhere at any time.

Cons –

• There is a constant worry that the students might get a feeling that they no longer have to pay attention to the lectures as they already have a copy of being recorded.
• Notes that are handwritten by students are still considered more useful by some old school experts.
• Some students may even skip classes as they have substitutes in the form of video.
• If you do not have a good quality recorder, chances are that you do not get voice clarity and picture clarity ending up in you losing the lessons.
Classroom video recording has more pros that cons in this modern world. As long as the students can get written permission from their professors and college, video recordings are not to be considered a threat. They are in fact a boon for slow learners, ill students and students who forget what they learn very easily. So, if you have the legal permission and do not disturb the remaining students, there is surely no harm in embracing the digital revolution.

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