Jumpstart Your Teaching Career With An Integrated Course In B.A. B.Ed

Teaching is one of those professions which has the highest enrollment after engineering.  There is a huge number of aspirants every year that would like to become teachers but also are very passionate about this profession. If you are educated, you build a successful career for self. However, if you are educated to be a teacher professionally you not only have a successful professional you also pass on knowledge to thousands of students in your career and inspire many of them to choose the same profession.

Teaching Career In B.A. B.Ed

The recent change in this course has been the integration of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education all rolled into one. This is a full-time integrated course for four years. Excellent communication skills, ability to be a good listener, being passionate about their subject, easily approachable, an overall community-building approach are some of the basics that would set you apart as a teacher and make you the most successful.

The Integrated course costs the same and can be completed in the same duration but provides more value to the aspirant. A candidate who has completed this integrated course is qualified to teach the secondary and senior secondary schooling.

Benefits of an integrated course are:

Even though this is a four years degree it is a double degree and therefore a great idea to pursue if you are looking forward to the teaching profession.

A separate degree in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education will last for a tenure of five years but an integrated course offers the benefits of both in four years.

It is cost-effective since it is for four years.

Enrolling into a Bachelor of Education Course requires a bachelor’s degree however that is not the same case when you pursue an integrated course.

This integrated course saves a year of education which can be utilized to take up the entrance exams required for the appointment.

The integrated course is relatively new, and the course curriculum is designed well to suit the needs of students both in terms of education and research.

Invertis University offers the Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Education (Integrated) course for four years and is a full-time course. The course curriculum is designed by integrating the generic subjects such as social science and humanities and professional studies like the foundation of education, school subjects, and subjects related to the functioning of a school teacher. This integrated course prepares you to teach the higher primary and secondary school of education. This integrated course requires a minimum of 50% marks in Class XII from any discipline and merit is the basis for the selection criteria.

Dedication and knowledge expertise are some of the core requirements of the teaching profession. Teaching is also a very important profession since teachers play a vital role in grooming the future of the nation irrespective of what profession they choose.

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