Talaash Hindi Movie Review

Shekhawat couple (Aamir Khan, Rani Mukherjee), a housing colony Police lived in a new apartment. His elderly neighbor (Shernaz Patel), which is not familiar with them, they knock on the door.

He pretends to be useful to them, asked for tea, the house seems to be a walk-off between a stack of boxes and suddenly see a picture of a young boy says: Hi, this is Karan. Nearly eight year old boy, who Shekhawat was the only child of the couple, is not of this world.

We do not know yet. This is the opening scene of the film. Now, we also know he can talk to the old woman died. We understand immediately that the film will engage our minds for some time. To a certain extent he was able to do so.

Talaash Movie Review

Talaash Movie Review

Who had lost their only child of a psychotic episode parallel to the film is a solid foundation. Parents were at the funeral of his only son, can not express their pain. These wounds get over it, they are still alive in us. Neither the husband nor the wife were recovered from the accident. It flows like a current underlying the tragedy. Older women supported by his wife, but the husband does not believe his words.

Thriller movies are generally easy to criticize, but there is a touch of Suprnechurl thriller. These films have an emotional basis. In fact, “explore” is a murder mystery.

Aamir in the film’s tone is calm and deliberate, but there is a lack of perseverance. Worn attached to stories of cops – platitudes that ignore the movie comfortably. It does not tell us how he is brave cop. Instead, he says he is so clever investigator.

He takes care of the highly publicized case is linked to a top movie star, whose car suddenly fell into the sea Alsubh This is the actor’s body was recovered from inside the car. The death of the star and the death of the son of the Inspector Shekhawat has one thing in common: they both drowned.

During the police investigation, the inspector met with some particular characteristics of the city. Operators the most important orthopedic surgical brothels, whose name has been justified in the name of Tamerlane.

The role played by the best actor Nwajuddin Siddiqui. Inspector met a beautiful Prosttyut (Kareena Kapoor) who also is ready to help solve the case.

We understand that behind every crime is essentially two reasons: money or sex. The film highlights the dark side. Some songs are worth humming a song, but the background score was non-existent.

Aamir’s performance in “Dhobi Ghat” is reminiscent of the role in Three Idiots totally different from the role played by them. The plot is balanced and we have managed to keep. I almost forgot that I was watching the movie was like sitting in a packed press preview of the show.

People said they received an SMS that has only Aamir Mrdrr. Promotion of the film can not be better than people do things with curiosity about its history. In this sense, the film has managed to arouse the curiosity of the people is the same.

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