Spot Tigers With A Well-Planned Jungle Safaris Tadoba

Major attraction of Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is the open top gypsy safari trip. This trip ensures, encounters with stripes cats, hyenas, leopards, chital, sambar, Indian Bison, barking deer, reptiles, insects and birds. The Tadoba reserve is located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra, a central Indian state. This reserve is the largest and the oldest reserve in the state. It comprises of a national park and wildlife sanctuary and covers an area of approximately 625 square kilometers. This national park was created in 1955. Over the last few years, there has been a remarkable increase in the footfall of tourists.

Population of tiger

Spot Tigers With A Well-Planned Jungle Safaris TadobaWhen in any tiger reserve, the first thing that crosses the mind is visibility of the big cats. According to a census conducted in 2012. It was revealed that there almost 43 tigers in the core area of the reserve, about 22 in the buffer zone and approximately 35 in the surrounding areas. Jungle safaris tadoba increases the chance of spotting tigers. Often small busses are also used for these trips. There are three zones in this reserve, and those are Moharli, Kolsa and Tadoba. The first one serves as the main entry gate, owing to its proximity with Chandrapur. Generally, the safari initiates from this point.

Best time for trip

Jungle safaris tadoba starts as early as 6:30 am in the morning and extends till 10 am. In the evening, it starts at 1:30 pm and extends till 5:30 pm. The timing changes during the winters. Best season to visit the reserve is in between the months of February and May. The weather is comfortable in the first part, but in May the temperature soars up considerably. Animals can be viewed best during these months as there is less vegetation. In the monsoon, the visibility reduces as there is thick vegetation. The reserve is open all through the year, and they allow visitors only from dawn to dusk.

Biodiversity found

Accommodation is not a problem in the reserve as there are resorts, hotels, guesthouses, in the vicinity of the reserve. It is advisable to finalize the itinerary of your trip much ahead of your assigned trip. You can opt for a five day trip or even a smaller one. During your safari, you can spot herds of chevrotain, common langur, flying squirrel. Reptiles are must see of this park, Star tortoises, hunting spiders, signature spider, wood spider and other varieties of spiders. The reserve is home to 74 species of butterflies and 195 species of birds. Among them, many are endangered species.

Regulations of safari

A safari starts with the morning call and a cup of tea at a designated place and time. Few regulations need to be followed in jungle safaris Tadoba. In this safari, it is advisable to wear clothes of natural and light colors. You need to have a pair of binoculars during the trip to spot different flora and fauna. If you have any allergy regarding food, you need to inform those to cook at the earliest. It is good to carry personal medicine in the safari. During the safari, you need to avoid activities that affect the environment and distract the animals. Since, it is a no-plastic-zone, it is essential to avoid plastic in the reserve.

The reserve has a constant supply of water from Andhari River, Junoria Lake, Erai Dam and Tadoba Lake and Kolsa Lake. This all year round fresh water supply helps in sutaining the diverse wildlife. You can also spot free of the manmade water bodies and dams. When in the reserve, you cannot afford to miss the machans These are located at Panchadhara waterhole, Vasant Bhandara water hole, two at Tadoba Lake, and one machan at Jamunbadi. You can even trek to Vasant Bhandara, which is five kilometers from the main area.

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