Solid Prosumer camera the NIKON COOLPIX P530

It comes with a super zoom up to 42 xs and it can be operated easily with its functions keys.

The new Nikon Coolpix p530 comes in between the DSLR and compact camera with a fine superb zooming. It comes with a high CMOS sensor of 16.1MP and with sensitivity ranges 100-6400 ISO and video recording of Full HD 1080p. The 42x zoom lens of the P530 offers an extremely versatile range of 24-1000mm focal length.

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This 42x super zoom camera is the new member of the Coolpix family. It has been build with previous sibling’s quality and design. Though it is heavy, it has a rubberized grip so it offers a feeling that it is secure in hands. It can be used in one hand even though it is big in size.

The exposure options can be easily switchover by the dial option it has in the top. It includes the semi-automatic, manual, full-automatic modes. It has a shutter release button that is wrapped with the zoom out and zooms in button. It also comes with the dedicated movie record button at the camera back so we can record video with ease of single click of button

At the top it comes with a small FN button (function) which can be used to set different types of option that includes the white balancing, ISO sensitivity or metering. The standard compact camera layout buttons are placed at the rear side. It comes with a screen size of 3 inch LCD.

stylish nikon camera 2020The four-way navigational pad with dedicated specific function. The UP is the flash function, Right for the exposure; Left for the Timer function and finally the Down are for the focus modes.

The electronic viewfinder of this camera doesn’t have the eye-sensor, so we have to press the button every time we need to use it. At the bottom, there is a slot for the SD card.


The camera performs very well with its ½.3 inch sensor. The camera shots can image with fine details. The images have no visible barrel or distortion and with excellent sharpness. Even though the chromatic aberration is rarely visible.

With its 16MP, the camera gives true color and with a good detail. If the zoom is used fully 100%, it gives a smooth images. The high sensitivity sensor works well in low light too. After ISO 800 is producing some distraction and the ISO 1600 is decent and the ISO 3200 gives noise with a substandard picture quality.  It is capable to take micro shots with 1 cm distance.

The missing feature is the GPS geo tagging and as there is no GPS so no location mapping. The camera is powered with an 1100mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery. So we can use it for 215+ shots depending upon the style of shooting. You can buy this camera for 19,950rs from Amazon or you can go to any of the free classifieds like olx, quirk so you get deals if you buy it directly from the dealers.

This camera will be a viable choice if you are serious about photography.


  • Nikkor lens with 42x optical zoom.
  • LCD screen with 3-Inch
  • USB 2.0
  • Electronic viewfinder
  • ISO sensitivity
  • 100-1600 ISO 3200, 6400
  • Li-ion battery EN-EL5
  • SLR-like (bright camera)
  • 16 Mega pixels
  • BSI-CMOS Sensor


  • 42 xs zoom
  • Manual control
  • Wide range shooting
  • Digital filters
  • Easy mode option


  • No GPS
  • No WI-FI
  • Battery life.

Overall we can give 7.5 out of 10 stars from its price, performance and features

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