Sleep Deprivation Affects : Study Research

A study has found that lake of sleeping make you old and increase wrinkles on your face and swollen eyes. Scientists said that people feel sad if they don’t take proper sleep. It also affect on your facial features like mouth, skin and very important eyes.

Sleep deprivation

Sleep Deprivation

According to a study researcher Tina Sundering, M.Sc.-“Since faces contain a lot of information on which humans base their interactions with each other, how fatigued a person appears may affect how others behave toward them,”

At Stockholm University in Sweden a doctoral student in the department of psychology said in a statement. “This is relevant not only for private social interactions, but also official ones such as with health care professionals and in public safety.”

A study, which appeared in the Sep issue of the journal “Sleep”, looked at 10 subjects who were photographed on two breaks up occasions: after eight hours of normal sleep and after 31 hours of sleep deficiency. Forty participants rated the 20 facial photographs with respect to 10 facial cuts, tiredness and sadness.

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