Search Engine Optimization With Modern Requirement

Ineffective promotion is increasingly becoming a cause of failure in business. Traditional methods do not satisfy the conditions of modern technology and the market.


Quantitative and qualitative changes in the network are increasing with the speed of the avalanche. More and more people come online, more commercially saturated become digital network flows. So from the issues of promoting a website more and more dependent on the interests of business.

Future trends forced to reconsider traditional methods of increasing the efficiency of sites. In the list of basic techniques to promote the site includes:

  • Registration site in directories of search engines,
  • Exchange banners and links
  • Advertising mailer.

The fact there are two reasons: Progress network hardware is not in place. Search engine robots are getting smarter and meticulously. The number of sites is constantly growing. This means that when searching for potential visitors to your products, services and information search engine cannot give anything or put your website at the very end of the list. Even if the user was on your site, it does not mean that he’s delayed. Even more so cannot be sure that he will do what you want it to do – buy a product, register or go here.

To replace and complement the old methods of website promotion came to technology search engine optimization and content conversion. They help deal with the problems described above.

New Technologies

Search engine promotion. According to modern requirements, site promotion cannot be limited to the proliferation of references on the internet. Initial work on-site optimization involves serious marketing analysis. He defines “semantic core” – a set of words, which will be conducted on site promotion. Choosing a kernel – the question is not obvious. “Popular” words that are frequently conducted search, or do not meet the specifics of the site, or attract the wrong people. Necessary to select the exact words-keywords.


Optimization of the structure. Optimizing your site requires creation of a certain “conversion script” – scheme of how the content of the site will direct visitors at the best way for the owner. In this case you need to pay attention to the fact that the objectives have different visitors may be different, and therefore there should be several scenarios. This is usually necessary to seriously change the navigation and structure of the Internet resource.

Optimizing layout Correct layout on the network is aimed at both readability user and to ensure that the site is well aware of search engines and confidently correlated it with the words of the search query. In this regard there are many pitfalls that helps circumvent knowledge of the principles of search robots.

Content conversion

Search engine optimization. Clear that content is also search engine optimization along with the above elements. Not enough just to list on the site keywords semantic core – they should be clothed in a special form, and requests the appropriate visitor and software requirements crawlers. The last two goals just pursuing the so-called SEO-copywriting.

Effective text.  Should be understood that the content of the site – not coffee review, not a slogan, not a PR article. Specificity of the Internet in that the visitor comes to the site not to read and receive information. Site content should “be able” to translate one into the other category of visitors, starting with “idle interest” in “making choices” and finally “make a decision” – say, buying through this website. For each of the categories of content requirements vary widely. It is due to the specific competently composed online texts achieved conversion effect, forcing users to perform actions required of them.

Update content. Internet – live and actively changing environment. Create a static site – anyway, that a monument Worker and Collective Farm instead of factory or farm. Creating effective content – an ongoing process that forces users to be involved in the work site, community supporters to form an Internet resource and the company itself. And that means – by participating in the development of content and enhancing its effectiveness.

About the Author: John Alex works in sysomos as Community manager  and Team Leader in Toronto Airport limousine  grew up in rural Kentucky.  Earned degrees in Computer sciences from DePauw University and the University of Arizona, and has worked as a freelance writer and author since 2008.

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