Science Quiz Test for Preparation Competitive Exams

Are you Crazy for science? Do you want to test your knowledge about science facts and figures? Taking Quizistan science quiz will solve your problem.

For students it’s high time to play Quizistan to find out whether you are paying attention in your science class or not. By playing this interesting online quiz you will be able to test yourself for how well you know science facts.

Quizistan app has General Science Quiz questions ranging from easy to hard, and at the end of each of the question you get its answer. This way you will not only be able to test your knowledge but also improve your learning.

You will get science quiz games on inventors, body parts, phobias, manias, diseases, elements, space, physics, chemistry, biology, earth, technology, weather, nature, atoms, states of matters and many other general topics.

A science quiz will appear only once a day with 8 questions in all. You will get 10 seconds to answer each of these questions. Try to answer a question as fast as you can because in Quizistan time taken to answer a question matters a lot. Your score depends on the number of questions you answered and time taken by you to answer these.

With each science quiz, Quizistan gives the participants a cash prize of Rs 3000 which is distributed among the users according to their score. You will never be eliminated from the Science Quiz Games even if you answer a question wrong, which means you are always in the game.

Quizistan is one of the interesting apps you would ever come across as its designed keeping in view the preferences of the users. Our developers have taken care that our users are never disappointed with the technical issues that they might come across while playing other trivia games.

The content team has tried to cover the right sort of questions and the right kind of topics. Our team knows it well that failing in satisfying our users can result in the alienation of one of more quiz team members. So, they make sure that only the topics of interest are covered.

We have questions from topics such as history and geography, music, Bollywood, sports, who am I, science, food and travel, general knowledge, mythology, maths and many more to come in near future. We keep on changing the topics from time to time so that we never fail in retaining the interest of our users.

We give priority to research as we know that nothing could be more embarrassing than announcing a wrong answer to our users. Quizistan team search for online almanacs having list of facts and figures, which are our major source for making informative quizzes for our users. We make sure that our users have fun Play Quiz Online.

Don’t waste time to researching for good trivia games because nothing could be better than Quizistan anyways. So, hurry up and download this fun app from the Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users.

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