Rules For Creating A Content Strategy For Business

Think over your strategy

This is the most important step because if there is no strategy, then all the content is done at random. Each business has certain milestones that are important for creating a brand strategy: expanding the range of products, monthly promotions, discount season, opening new points of sale, etc.

That is, the strategy of the brand itself is a plan for some significant time ahead, for example, for a year or several years.

Then, according to this plan, an SMM strategy is built, which takes into account behavioral characteristics, “pains,” motives for buying the audience.

The audience is analyzed in social networks since people can behave online differently than offline.

An SMM strategy is also developed for a fairly long period of time: six months or a year. We advise you to create it for a year and adjust it depending on the goals and objectives of the business.

Develop a content plan

Further, based on the SMM strategy, a content plan is developed for a month in advance — this is the basis for creating all content.

The most convenient way to plan content is to use special platforms to automate content plans. They allow you to schedule and publish content to many accounts at once and keep everything under control. One of such platforms is, for example, Postoplan, a modern platform with broad functionality that allows you to manage the most popular social networks at the same time, schedule deferred publications, create a content plan, and much more. Working with such platforms saves up to 4 hours of working time and up to 90% of social media marketing costs.

The content plan contains all the topics that should be covered at different sites.

It is created on the basis of what the business sells in the coming month: new products, promotions, discounts, or the introduction of new services.

Think over the texts

First, the texts of posts are always written for a month in advance, and then the visual part of the content is created.

The old scheme has not worked for a long time: the copywriter wrote the texts, and the designer made the pictures. Everything must be created in conjunction together and with an understanding of what the whole team is doing.

Create a visual

The visuals are developed only on the basis of the texts of the copywriter, together with him.

Before creating visuals, a photographer or designer makes a mood board: he selects pictures that are similar in mood, color scheme, season, holidays, or situations, as well as references from movies, TV shows, or videos. Then, visual content is produced based on the references.

Whereas previously it was enough for brands to show “behind the scenes” and upload a photo of their product, in 2021, they will have to sweat over the image on the network: expertise, reputation, the balance of personal and work. It is now extremely difficult to create a “correct” portrait of an individual specialist or an entire company.

A personal brand is our main asset. The more life posts, stories, incessant series with emotional swings, the higher the engagement and interest in the blog. Moreover, the leaders of existing businesses, who finally saw a lot from their personal presence in social networks, are gaining great popularity. This trend will only intensify.

To sell a product, you need not only to show its USP but also “soulfulness”: something is done by hand, some detail was made from recycled materials, somewhere a percentage of the proceeds will go to charity.

In 2021, it will be more important for people to see that global processes and other living people are behind the purchased goods.

The right social media content strategy gives you a big edge over the competition. After all, publications on social networks are your expert content, and therefore your image. It is known that publications with professional comments and expert opinions significantly increase the trust of potential customers in the company. And trust in a company is a decisive factor when purchasing goods or services.

However, it is very often difficult to maintain your image on social media on your own. There is a risk of forgetting to publish on time. And there is also a banal lack of time. These problems can be solved by using services for scheduling publications in social networks. 

A person buys from a person — this has become an axiom of promotion. The character, history, views of the blogger are interesting to the reader, and expert posts “without a face” and photos from stocks are boring and cause rejection. We follow other people’s lives with curiosity by becoming attached to them.

2020 has proven once again that social media can influence the world. People now believe in the power of social media like never before. They are ready to provide support to those who are in difficult life situations. One in the field is not a warrior, but there are many of us on social networks, and together we are strong.

Users will be especially loyal to brands that are socially focused on solving common human problems.

We leave behind formal unsubscriptions and egocentrism. In 2021, we will face a solution to serious global problems, sensitivity to consumers, and one-on-one communication with each client. Are you ready for this?

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