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RJ Naved - Radio Mirchi MurgaRJ Naved lives up to his expectation of being the funny man. He fools around with the listeners as he plays brainless pranks on them by impersonating someone on his show Sunset Samosa.

The daily feature Mirchi Murga is undoubtedly the most unique element of Radio Mirchi’s show. Through Mirchi Murga, RJ Naved connected with a caller and play a prank on him/her. Towards the end of the call, the receiver gets frustrated with the nuances that he come up with. Eventually when he disclose that its Naved calling from Radio Mirchi on the other side of the phone, it always ends  with a laughter encore. This show has won the best Sparkler Award for 2 years in a row at India Radio Forum Awards (IRF). Radio Mirchi Delhi is the only station in New Delhi which has bagged IRF awards this year.

Some Hilarious Mirchi Murga Prank:

Interesting Information about RJ Naved:

– His latest movie : Mere Brother Ki Dulhan
He is currently reading : Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu
His Current fav song : Ooh La La
Quote for the day : Mujhse jo takrayega…choor choor ho jaayega!!!
Zodiac sign : Cancer
Personality type : Multiple Personality dis-order
RJ-ing style : Kanika to left and Jassi to the right!!!
Fashion : Overcoat and Dark Glasses
Passions : Collecting Stuffed Murgas
Sports : Chhupan Chhupai
Fav food : Tangri
Fav actor : Loin
Fav songs : Pal Pal dil ke pass, Saibo
Movies : DDLJ
I love :Money and Honey
I hate : Cops

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