Restaurants in Jaipur, India

It was a winter time when I came from London to visit Jaipur. I heard a lot about it from my friends that it is one of the beautiful cities in Rajasthan and has many historical sites. I wanted to visit them all because I wanted to see that how in ancient time people developed so many best architecture that challenge today’s. I landed in the night at Jaipur and from airport I came to a hotel.

Restaurants in Jaipur, India

Best Restaurants in Jaipur

I am a shop owner so my budget was not that much high that I could take a room in a best hotel. The hotel in which I stayed was pretty good and had all types of facilities which I thought of so far, the one thing it lacked that it did not have any kind of in house restaurant where I could eat so the problem was of eating. It was around 8 o’ clock and I was on road searching for a good hygiene type of restaurant where I could eat but around nearby area nothing I found. I was getting hungry the more steps I was taking when searching for a restaurant.

I did not know what I should do and suddenly I remembered my friend thing that he said about a portal which gave information about all things whether related to traveling, restaurants, hotels, devices and about other things. I searched on that portal about restaurants in Jaipur and I found all with all specific information I wanted. I got the address of a restaurant from that portal and went to dine.

I felt myself relaxed when I tasted the food and it was so good that I ordered more because it was Indian too. From that portal I also took the information about travel and tourism of Jaipur and the next morning I visited the whole city. I was so amazed seeing the architecture of Jaipur. After visiting it for two days I went back to London and told my friends and family about it. It was awesome experience and I thanked to that portal from where I got all the information.

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