Reshaping Your Brust After Weight Loss

Every woman who loses weight will have different results when it comes to her breasts. How much weight you’ve lost in total and how much of that was lost from your breasts will effect the outcome, as will the natural elasticity of your skin. There are both non-surgical and surgical options for improving the shape of your breasts after a big weight loss. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Building Chest Muscle

A Breast Reduction

The muscles behind your breasts can be increased through working out, which will in turn make your breasts appear both higher and firmer. Exercises such as bench presses, push-ups and pull-downs can help beef up your chest muscles. If you’re not sure how to do these exercises, a helpful trainer at any gym can demonstrate. There are also free videos and tutorials available all over the Internet.

A Breast Reduction

If, after doing as much as you can with exercise, you are still unhappy with the size and shape of your breasts, you can elect to have a breast reduction. A breast surgeon, sometimes called a plastic surgeon, can take away extra skin and fat, then use what is left to create a smaller, perkier breast. If you have sufficient fat stores left over to recreate smaller breasts, a reduction can leave you quite happy with the result.

Breast Implants

For those who have lost so much weight that there is not sufficient tissue left to do a reduction, implants are another option. A breast clinic can order implants in a size you and your surgeon feel comfortable with. Some implants are very small and can leave you with a pert A or B cup, while others can bring you up to a D and beyond. Your choice of size will depend on your bone structure and build, as most women prefer their breast size to match the rest of their body.

Deciding Which Option is Best

Women who have lost a lot of weight are usually encouraged to add muscle mass to the chest first to see if they will be happy with the results. If you were small-breasted to begin with and didn’t experience much sagging, exercise alone may give you the pert look you want. However, for those who had very large breasts and lost a lot of volume, a reduction or implants may be the only way to get the bust line you want.

Your surgeon can explain both surgical options in detail, and he or she should also make the risks crystal clear. While plenty of women are ecstatic with their results from both surgeries, some are disappointed with scar lines, implant shifting and other complications. Make sure you have realistic expectations if you decide to explore a surgical solution. The author of this article consulted with Perth-based breast surgeon Dr. Simon Weight when conducting research for this article.

A large weight loss is something to celebrate. Not only do you look better, but you are also avoiding a wide array of health problems associated with being overweight. If you’re unhappy with your bust after losing weight, there are steps you can take to reshape it. Working out to add muscle is a start, and a board-certified plastic surgeon can also help you get the silhouette you want.

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