Photoshop Tutorial for Beginner

photoshopPhotoshop is the best graphic designing software. Every designer use this software to design web pages, graphic cards. This is huge software with multiple options that help people to create their design. Professionals use this software to perform their professional task while students and other people use it to edit images and create some prank. If you are looking for any Photoshop tutorial online, check out this easy tutorial for beginner.

Photoshop Tutorial for Beginner :

1. Open Image

2. Fit on screen Space+Right click

3. Rename Background layer to Layer 0

4. Create New Layer Ctr+J

5. Fill Color in New layer Ctr + Backspace or Alt + Backspace

6. Change Canvas size ctr+alt+C

7. To Edit Text or Image Free Transform Ctr+T

8. Drag Layers

9. Create a new layer for text or to create any shape

10. Draw a Shape or write a text

11. Change Opacity of Text or shape [ Use Numeric keys to change opacity of text or shape]

12. Press Ctr+D to deselect selection

13. To write a text use Horizental type Tool [T]

14. Select [T] and start writing text where ever you want

15. Change Color, font size, font type using Expand Dock(Find it in Right side of screen << (Expand Dock sign) )

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