Oil and Gas Companies Hiring Trends: An Elaborative Insight on Indian Market

Oil and gas industry notifies a buoyant market scenario with new project discoveries at different locations. Though the sector grows at steady pace but continually warns of skill shortage and demand for more qualified professionals who can pool expertise to meet the market upsurge.

2020 Oil and Gas Market

2020 Oil and Gas Market

National Oil Companies of India set an optimistic and cheerful scenario for the candidates willing to work in government organizations. As company like ONGC coming up with 14 new projects at Mumbai High North is about to unveil India’s biggest oil field and anticipates to generate good lot of job vacancies for aspiring professionals. Not only one corporation but others in the field too are coming up with plenteous opportunities depicting flourishing OnG sector.

Working in the oil and gas industry gives a privilege of country independence with professional having opportunity to explore new boundaries and better experience to draw. The industry offers exciting prospects with a career of longevity and high salary advantages.

Overtime the OnG industry has witnessed a fall in the number of competent employees due to interest of the talented youth lying in the private sector due to better earnings. But revision in the government jobs in a way offering handsome salary packages, compensation benefits and other allied perks allured large mass of talented Indian youth to settle for oil and gas jobs.

Oil and Gas Industry Hiring Professionals from Different Disciplines

The Oil and Gas industry requires deft professionals from all disciplines to facilitate successful execution of the projects from start to end. With this new opportunities are bound to crop up. Candidates having degree in the petroleum exploration or petroleum engineering are preferred.

OnG industry is huge deals with several processes as in oil exploration, production, refining, reservoir management and careful transportation of it. The industry does not suffer from dearth of job opportunities but of talent. Therefore skilled professionals are required who can fulfill the jobs demands and can comply with roles and responsibilities effectively. An individual can entering as a skilled worker as undergoes in-house training offered. Most of the companies train workers to groom in to the industry professionals as per their operation standards.


Engineers are the most demanding professionals in the sector. Other professionals whose demand in the industry remains high are the scientists performing various tests to come up with quality products, geologists engaged in identifying the geographical location for possible exploration, site supervisors, technicians and others. Right from the start when the oil site is explored, extracted, manufactured, processed, transported and sold off to the end customers, large numbers of hands are engrossed to accomplish the engineering and marketing task. Here management professional especially finance graduate too stand cynosure as they help in maintaining the accounts and in sync with the market analyst and other business strategy  practitioners cap the price deals.

Oil and Gas Job Companies of India

Some of the leading public sector undertakings and Private engaged in the oil and gas exploration and manufacturing are:-

•    Gas Authority of India
•    Oil India Limited
•    Oil and Natural Gas Company
•    Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited
•    Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited
•    Indian Oil Corporation Limited

These companies have several openings cropping up year after year due to their project expansion plans. Whole new teams are required right from the amateurs to the proficient professionals, generating good number of vacancies in the oil and gas industry.

Salaries and compensations

2012 proved to be a blissful year for professionals in the oil and gas industry. It would not be an exaggeration to mention that Oil and Gas industry created more wealth over last 12 months than any other sector, highlighted by several research agencies engaged in the sector. The industry offers better job opportunities to the professionals along with 8.5% rise in the base salary worldwide.

The rudimentary reason for scaling salary offers is the dearth of skilled workforce and surging demand in the sector. Void between the supply and demand of experts is constantly putting pressure on the industry to increase the salary offers. Experts entering in the oil and gas jobs apart from the basic salary have array of other benefits to reap. Commissions, bonuses, allowances, reimbursements, accommodation facilities, healthcare facilities and several other added advantages are procured by the employees.

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