Zab Technologies introduces neoteric features in their Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Zab Technologies, the superfine Blockchain Development Company has integrated premier features in its cryptocurrency exchange software.

“ We are well-versed in deploying Cryptocurrency Exchange Software solutions at a minimal cost! Our software has so far deployed around 50+ Crypto Exchange Software which has helped our clients in setting up their own Bitcoin Trading Platform. Thus, for enhancement of our software, we have added new features!”, started the Chief official at Zab Technologies.

In addition to Cryptocurrency Exchange Services, they also specialize in a various set of solutions such as:

● Blockchain Development
● Security Token Offering STO
● Initial Coin Offering ICO
● Altcoin Creation
● Token Creation
● Cryptocurrency Wallet Development
● ICO Marketing
● STO Marketing
● Initial Exchange Offering IEO

“We provide importance to our clients and hence consider their feedback to make our product enhanced. With this we are adding a different set of features to our software to make them function efficiently.”, continued the official.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges are the trading platform where users can instantly buy and sell cryptocurrencies. In return to this, traders pay a small piece of fee as a “Trading Fee” in the name of the commission. Thus, the owner of the exchange gets profited instantly.

In addition to this, the proprietor of the exchange platform gets profited with the following strategies:

● Trading Fee for every withdrawal.
● Trading Fee for every deposit.
● Trading Fee for every ad.

And much more! With this, most of the people are interested in launching their own Bitcoin Trading Platform. One can easily make their own exchange with a Cryptocurrency exchange software.

This exchange software is readily-made. Hence one just needs to make the required customizations of their own wish in accordance with the business requirements and instantly start their own Bitcoin Exchange Platform.

“We have added the following set of security mechanisms and modules in our feature-packed Cryptocurrency exchange software”!

● Margin Trading
● Referral Program
● Pending transactions handling
● Firebase, Firewall implementation
● Segwit enabled for Bitcoin
● Crypto Liquidity

When it comes to security, here are the things we integrate:

● Browser detection security
● Biometric authentication
● Multisignature vaults
● Anti-Phishing software
● Database encryption

“ We hope these features can make our client’s exchange robust and efficient. We still have an idea of integrating many more features to make them more profited!”, ended the Chief Official.

About Zab Technologies:

Being counted as the superfine Blockchain Development Company, we cater to the unique business needs of the clients across the globe. We have so far delivered 70+ successful crypto and blockchain services which have assisted the clients to reap a huge amount of profits!!

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