Need of SEO in 2019

SEO Expert always has to keep a close eye on Google updates. SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) has become more and more important for a website’s ranking strategy. In order to give out an effective marketing strategy for your website, you need a basic knowledge of lucrative SEO plan, so that to get the best out of SEO and content marketing. So if you are looking for the guide or the need of 2020, you will love this article.

RankBrain & UX Signals

When talking about RankBrain 8 UX Signals, you should focus on the below two things:

(1) How many people click on your page in the search results? (Click Through Rate)

(2) How long does the user stay on your page? (Dwell Time)

In fact, the RankBrain and UX Signals have been announced to be the third most important ranking factor in 2020. Google RankBrain is an integral part of Google’s core algorithm which helps to determine the most relevant search results using the machine learning Al system. The UX Signals refer to User Experience Signals which are used in Google algorithm to measure how the users interact with the search results and then help to evaluate the quality of the content. Though there is little knowledge about how the RankBrain works, SEO Expert has better understand that it is an important ranking signal and it helps to learn whether the users are satisfied with their search results. So it is very important for you to do comprehensive keyword research and build the best relevant content based on the exact demands of your customers.


Become a CTR Jedi

You will notice that it become lower in organic CTR in 2020 than in 2020 for Google brings more and more sections to enhance the search experience. The need to become a CTR Jedi is because of RankBrain, also because of Google Ads, Featured Snippet, Answer Boxes, People also ask, Carousels, and more other sections. There are already industry data pointing out the organic search results on the mobile side has dropped 41.4% since 2020. So if you want to stand out in the search result page, you have to make your results scream out “Click on met” otherwise your results will be ignored.


Rank in Google’s Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets give direct answers to the queries that users are searching which are very quick, convenient and easy to read. At this point, Featured Snippets provide you a marketing chance to compete with your competitors and help to boost the conversion, as well as driving traffic right to your site.


To rank in Google’s Featured Snippet, you can do the following things,

1) Check the Featured Snippet content that your competitors are earning, and then optimize your content in the same exact topics and words.

2) For your own snippets, keep an eye on different variations of the keywords and optimize them to the content to ensure rank for them as well.

3) Make good use of Google to find snippet opportunities. Think about the questions users might ask and find the answer from Google. Use the “People also ask” section to find content. And then the featured content will be yours.

4) Do keyword research and use the keywords to search your featured snippets.

5) Give your content in a clear structure and give answers to multiple related questions.

6) Write your section content within optimal word count that is 40-50 words to help Google to feature your content easily.

7) Break up each section with header and use H2 or H3 sub headers for easily featured snippets.

8) Create a “How-to” section or “0 &A” section to answer frequently asked questions.

9)Add high-quality pictures and videos to your content.


Write Comprehensive and In-Depth Content

Today, Google not only focuses on the on-page SEO in your content but also focuses more on the context. SEO Expert should understand that the fist job of Google is to present the best result to users, so the best result is not the keyword-stuff content but an entire in-depth topic. Research data indicates that comprehensive and in-depth content will get the best ranking on Google. Users can get everything they need in an in-depth content. To write in-depth content, you should make your article at least 2000 words and cover everything the users want to know. And you should build authoritative evergreen content. Another trick is to use the LSI keywords in your content. You can find the LSI keywords at the bottom of Google search results or use the Google Keyword Planner to explore the LSI keywords.


Think Mobile

Research data shows that users spend an average of five hours a day on their mobile devices, including phones and tablets. Data for 2020 shows that 525% of online traffic comes from mobile phones. That means half of your audience will access your website via mobile phones, which will be a good SEO strategy for you Nowadays, your starting point of SEO improvement will focus on designing mobile-friendly pages and improving mobile access speed. Things you can do are,


1) Keep the content on the desktop and mobile consistent.

2) Discard the “M” from mobile version but design responsive pages.

3) Make sure your site works well on the mobile. Use Mobile-Friendly Test tool from Google to check whether your website is mobile friendly.


Make as many videos as possible

Now is the era of online video explosion. Industry experts predict that 80% of online traffic will come from online video by 2021. If you haven’t taken video into your marketing strategy, then you are falling behind. You can tap into YouTube to get more traffic from SEO in 2020. Now make as many SEO-optimized videos as possible in YouTube and optimize the video content for YouTube. Another thing you can do is to embed the video content into your articles, which will help to enhance the dwell time.


The need for SEO in 2020 also includes keywords, backlinks, user intent, and more. As long as you keep an eye on SEO industry trends and stay up with effective marketing strategies, you can get better ranking and more traffic.


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