Nail Designs for Short Nails 2014

As we all know today’s era is the era of fashion, modeling and creativity. Everybody wants to look something different and awesome. There are so many things we can apply on our body parts like hands as well as neck etc. Fashion designers and nail designers are enhancing the art of nails design.  If we talk about earlier fashion of nail design then we will find that it was not so creative and good looking they used to only fully colors are technology also was not grow that time but now a time there are so many techniques for the nail design whether it’s for long nails or for small nails are available. For nail art we use specially nail colors, stickers, and thin sticks.
Pink and black leafy short Nail Art Design
In this post I want to introduce with some short nail arts along with their brief explanation and pictures, Have a look below –

Pink and black leafy short Nail Art Design:

First apply pink nail polish and then give any design which comes in your mind by using black polish. But make sure that all the nails have the same design not different.

Polka Dot short nail design:

In this type of the design apply any nail paint but it should be light and look shining and after this we apply the nail paint of the different colors which should be dark colors by putting the dots on the previous design with light colors .this  design look something like below picture.

acrylic nail designs 2020

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