Muharram Festival in India 2014

Why we Celebrate Muharram

Muharram is the 1st months of Hijri calendar. 1st date of Muarram also celebrate as New Islamic Year. First ten days are very important for muslims. They fast during these days, make Chhabeel (stall of water and syrup) and remember  the Battle of Karbala.

Happy Islamic New Year 1436 Hijri HD Wallpaper

Happy Islamic New Year 1436 Hijri HD Wallpaper

The 10th day of the month called Ashura/Muharram. On this day muslims make syrup and sweet at their home and invite poor people, relatives and neighbours. Some people also organize taziya competition in some cities of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan on this day.

Image of Muharram Tazia 2020 in Jaipur

Taziya Image in jaipur 2020

Taziya Image

Muharram/Taziya/Ashura will celebrate on 4th of November 2020.

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