How to Learn Mobile App Development in India?

With around six billion mobiles across the globe, the mobile industry is a huge one and evolving day by day. In recent years, the demand for smartphones has increased manifold, and most of them operate on Android, IOS, and Windows operating systems. The developing countries like India (uses one million mobiles out of the above mentioned six million) played a vital role in this implausible expansion of smartphone industry. With this wide range of audience, who always demand better and innovative smartphone apps, expands the scope of employment in the mobile app industry.

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So, as for those who are thinking to make a career change or want to start their career in software development, can consider mobile app development as a full-time job opportunity. Many of us may think that the mobile application development field has saturated by now, as we came across endless apps on respective mobile platforms. But this isn’t true, the changing trends in the app development field based on our day to day requirement is going to make it an evergreen career perspective.

The app development field doesn’t seem friendly for the people with little or no knowledge of programming. But, the reality is that it’s not that tough and can be learned with the help of several online courses available and further there is a various automated tool for assistance. Just be adamant on your decision and be ready to work hard to pursue your career goal.

The Below written article will help you and guide you how you can learn mobile app development:

Where Should You Start?

The process is a bit easy for the developer as there are several platforms like PhoneGap and Appcelerator Titanium that can help them learn the development. The process is complicated for the beginners and to ease it they must learn the basic of object-oriented programming, which will help in creating a basic understanding of how computing works. The beginners of this field can take free online courses available at MIT Open Courseware, Coursera, or edX. These courses will not only help in understanding the basic aspects of programming but also provides mini projects to test skill while learning.

Decide on the Platform for Mobile App Development

In the current scenario, most apps are built for either iOS or Android platforms and Windows is almost out of the scene. It’s better to decide on the type of platform before moving further as both Android and iOS are completely different from each other. The scope of both the platform App is huge, so there is nothing to worry about some while choosing any one.

iOS App Development

The development of iOS App depends upon the knowledge of Objective-C or Swift, so to begin the process you must get acquainted with it. The Swift can be helpful in developing an iOS app for your own use, while Objective-C is necessary for getting a job in an iOS mobile app development company. This is so as to know the process to maintain and fix the code.

Following are the list of some online courses to help you in learning iOS App Development process

  1. CodeSchool Try Objective-C and Try iOS course
  2. Stanford University Developing iOS7 Apps for iPhone and iPad (slightly outdated but free and still useful)
  3. Treehouse iOS Development with Objective-C and iOS Development with Swift
  4. Udemy Swift and iOS8 Apps in 31 Days

The above-mentioned course will help you understand the complexity of iOS development and will also help you understand the Apple’s Developer Library. It’s best to start with a course that breaks down the complexity of iOS development into digestible parts and once you have a profound knowledge of the basics.

The below-mentioned blogs based on developing apps for iOS can be of great help during iOS development:

  • NSHipster
  • Ray Wenderlich
  • iDevBlogs

Do remember that an iOS developer needs a Mac for the App development and also the testing devices come costly, making it an expensive affair.

Android App Development

If you have opted for the App development platform to be Android, make sure that you’re aware of the one concern of Android developers: there are many, many, types of Android devices out there, which complicates things a little.

However, if you perceive it more as a challenge and a potential to reach a wider audience the issue can be handled.

Learning to develop apps for Android requires knowledge of Java, and if you don’t have that knowledge then you probably need an introductory class to Java programming language. The lists of some are given below.

  1. Programming by Doing (for Java)
  2. Vogella Java Tutorials (for Java beginners)
  3. Coursera Creative, Serious, and Playful Science of Android Apps (part of the Android Development track)
  4. Udacity Developing Android Apps
  5. Google’s Training for Android Developers

Apart from the above course, the Google’s Android Developer Library can also come handy as it is very extensive and well-documented.

Once you’re comfortable with the basics of Android App development procedure, you can try the below resources for further advance knowledge on Android development.

  • Codepath Android Cliffnotes
  • tuts+ Android Tutorials
  • Cyril Mottier’s blog
  • Android Weekly Newsletter

By now, you are well aware of all the procedure associated with the mobile app development. But to become the pro mobile app developer, do keep in mind to enhance code writing skills to build an app. The practices, such as writing clean code and documentation, would be very fruitful and don’t forget to learn how to promote and generate money from your mobile apps.

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