Merry Christmas 2015

Christmas celebration is done to provide homage to the birth of Jesus Crist, which is celebrated on 25th December in most of the countries. This festival is celebrated among billions of people all around the World. In some of the countries, due to this festival the national holiday is declared in respect of Jesus Crist and is celebrated by both religious and non-religious people too.

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Why Christmas is Celebrated and why on 25th December?

Christmas is celebrated by all the people in order to remember the birth of the Jesus Christ, who is also known as the son of God. It is known as Christmas because its name comes out from the Mass of Christ.

No one knows the actual birth date of Jesus and no date is mentioned in the Bible too, here the question arises that why do all people celebrate this on 25th December. at the early time, Christians had ample arguments about this topic and the birth of Jesus might not happen in the 1AD, but it is expected between 2BC-7BC.

The first time Christmas was celebrated on 25th December in 336AD, during the time of Roman Emperor. So after that Popr Julius declared that the Christmas will always be celebrated on this date.

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BR Softech is Wishing a Merry Christmas.

As we all know this the festival of joy and happiness in the remind of Jesus. All the people met and party together and exchange gifts, while the children wait for the Santa to bring their present of Christmas.

On this occasion, Website and Mobile Application Development Company BR Softech is Wishing a Merry Christmas. You Enjoy this wonderful holiday with your Friends and family.

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