Men Vs Women in Shopping

Shopping and Women

Who Loves Shopping More: Men Vs Women

Shopping is largely entertainment for women; they like to go shopping in a small group. This is not true that men hat shopping actually they don’t like to go with women.  Because normally women are so choosy and men don’t have much patience, so they fall asleep until their lady done shopping.

Some men hate shopping with women because they know who’s spending whose money. In shopping man hate to spend time in choose items to buy.  Men also know the thing that they need and the store where the thing is available, so they shopping quickly than women.

Women Shop more if they go for shopping in a group. Women spend lots of time in bargaining and they think that is the thing in trend? Is discount available or not? When she selects anything then asks from her friends about how is she looking?

But some couples are very different they love to shop with each others, help to select right goods and also enjoy shopping.  This kind of men know that women can help to buy a thing in cheap prices because they love bargaining while men not.

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