Math Quiz Games for Preparation of Competitive Exams

Math is a subject that needs rigorous practice if you want to succeed. However, most people are reluctant to devote their study time towards practicing math questions. Practicing math questions make people feel bored which sometimes might be because of the inability to solve problems on their own. It is almost impossible for many to ensure that their practice sessions are effective.

To be a perfectionist in maths it is important to solve a wide range of problems under the same topic. However, sometimes people make the mistake of sticking to the type of questions they know how to solve. It’s good to gain expertise in the topics that come to you easily but you should not neglect the other kind of problems.

One of the best ways to ace your knowledge in Maths is to play quiz online. Quizistan is a new platform which has a math quiz for your practice involving questions from different topics, which will help you in practicing more.

You can find many different types of Math Quiz Questions with Answers on this new app build on Android and iOS platform. You can find questions from different topics categorised as per the level of their difficulty. This will help you in practicing more questions and winning some real cash at the same time.

Quizistan is a Trivia Quiz which is easy to access and use for those people who are searching for something to help them practice algebra questions, calculus, number system etc. Our math quiz game provides variation and make learning more interesting.

Solving math problems can be time-consuming and you don’t always get a right answer. Most people tend to wait for their exams to work harder on maths and memorize a few methods in an attempt to remember more formulas.

Some of the traditional methods to understand maths and remember its formulas is the use of flash cards, and practice, but, for many people these methods don’t work much. Quizistan is a new way to make memorizing math facts more fun. You can use this platform not only to gain knowledge but at the same time also win real cash, which can be utilized as an extra income.

You can win a maximum of Rs 3000 a day by playing Math quiz which appears at 4 PM every day. There are 8 questions to answer in the math quiz, which should be answered in a 10 seconds time span for each. It takes only 5 minutes to win you a handsome amount which further can be used to pay your restaurant bill, buy you a drink, and pay for your movie ticket or any other small gesture.

You can Download Quiz Games like Quizistan for free from Google Play Store or App Store and can start playing without having to pay an entry fee. For now, this trivia quiz has 8 different topics to choose which will keep on changing from time to time. You can select a topic of your choice and try your luck.

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