Make Real Money by Playing Teen Patti Game

The popularity of Teen Patti game app is growing rapidly. It has been played by thousands of people and so has been downloaded thousands of times so far. It is particularly popular with college students and teenagers. But even old aged folks are finding this game to be addictive. And to be frank people are minting money from this app. Let me tell you how people are actually making money out of it.

To play this game, all you need to have is a smartphone and Internet connectivity. You may register using your e mail id or login directly using your Facebook id. Thus, you get a easy start. And getting addictive to it is even easier. Last, but not the least, people have also started to prove that making money out of it is also not too hard!

How to play teen patti game

Before informing you about the money minting provision of Teen Patti app, let me apprise you that the methods and approaches are not legal at all. Yes, you read it right! And the author is in no way promoting these methods. I just happened to see lots of people playing this game and making money using it. That’s how I came to know of this hugely popular game. So I said, ‘Why not write an article, revealing some dark facts about this game?’!

How People Mint Money By Playing Through Teen Patti app

First of all, I told you that the game is played on smartphones with Internet connectivity. So as compared to the classic version of the game, one doesn’t need to find a ‘suitable’ place, cards, chips etc. I mean, playing the ‘offline’ version of this game can result in trouble because, police can come and investigate around and get you arrested if you are dealing with money!.

Some smart folks, playing the teen patti app game in private tables have assigned INR value to the playing chips. It goes like this- 100 pounds in the game is equal to 10 Rupees in real life.

After deciding the value in this way, they form a group, start a private table game and finish off the game. There is no risk of getting caught because depending upon the previously decided value, the players are given money after the game is over. So one can play even at home.

The second method is to sell of chips. Like- after earning 1 Crore in-game chips, a guy sold it to his friend for 700 INR! People are willing to give real Rupees in exchange for the chips. This is another way of making money!

This game is addictive. It has become even more addictive now, since people know that it is possible to make money out of it. That’s why people are working extremely hard for hours to earn ‘chips’ using the teen patti app. But again, these methods are hardly legal!

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