List Of Medical Schools in UK

In UK 32 medical schools which are recognized by the General Medical Council. well I am sharing the list of  top medical schools in UK.

Medical Schools in UK

S.N. Name University Established Digree
1 Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry Queen Mary, 1995 MBBS
2 University of Birmingham Medical School Birmingham 1828 MBChB
3 Bristol Medical School Bristol 1833 MBChB
4 Brighton and Sussex Medical School Brighton 2002 BMBS
5 Newcastle University Medical School Newcastle 1834 MBBS
6 Liverpool Medical School Liverpool 1834 MBChB
7 Leeds School of Medicine Leeds 1831 MBChB
8 Sheffield Medical School Sheffield 1828 MBChB
9 School of Clinical Medicine, University of Cambridge Cambridge 1842 MB BChir
10 Medical Sciences Division, University of Oxford Oxford 1220–1255 BM BCh
11 Hull York Medical School Hull, York 2003 MBBS
12 Imperial College School of Medicine Imperial College London 1997 MBBS
13 Keele University School of Medicine Keele 1978 MBChB
14 King’s College London School of Medicine and Dentistry King’s College London 1988 MBBS
15 Lancaster Medical School Lancaster 2004 MBChB
16 Durham University School of Medicine and Health Durham 2001 MBBS
17 Leicester Medical School Leicester 1975 MBChB
18 UCL Medical School University College London 1998 MB BS
19 Manchester Medical School Manchester 1874 MBChB
20 University of Nottingham Medical School Nottingham 1970 BMBS
21 Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry Exeter 2000 BMBS
22 Norwich Medical School East Anglia 2000 MBBS
23 Southampton Medical School Southampton 1971 BM, BMedSci
24 St George’s, University of London St George’s (University of London) 1751 MBBS
25 Warwick Medical School Warwick 2000 MBChB

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