Learn How to Apply Your Hair Extensions At Home

Buying hair extension is not enough, it also require proper installation. Always if you do not have proper knowledge about installation methods, then you need an expert hair stylist or professional and it will add more cost. Many stylist cost high amount for applying extensions. If you are looking for ways to save money in getting professional hair extension treatments, consider doing your own hair extensions at home. It will require some basic information. Do research on internet for complete knowledge about hair extensions and related application methods.

Apply Your Hair Extensions At Home

You can change your looks instantly by your own. It will save your money and time both. You do not need to waste many hours in parlor. Hair extensions add length and volume to your hair and enhance your looks completely. You can improve your personality. Hair extensions work just like your own hair and can be curled, dyed and straightened with no problems. Here step by step procedure is given below to apply hair extensions at home:

Step 1: Select your color – first and most important factor is selecting color of extension. If you want natural looking hair extensions then make sure that extension which you are purchasing is exactly similar to color of your existing natural hair. If you would like them to stand out and add highlights then go with some that are a few shades darker or lighter than your hair.

Step 2: Prepare Your Hair – now, before starting application process make ready your own natural hair. Thoroughly wash and towel dry your hair first.  During washing your hair do not use conditioner. Hair conditioner will make your hair slick and it will be more difficult for you to attach the hair extensions.

Step 3: Separating The Hair – next use a comb and part your hair in the middle on the back of your head near the top and clip your hair up on top of your head.         

Step 4: Trimming Your Extensions – now, trim your extension using scissors. To look hair natural and to create same width as your hair, trimming is required.

Step 5: Applying the extensions – now its turn to main phase of applying hair extensions. If you are using glue-on extensions, apply the glue and let it set for 30 seconds. Next, attach the extensions to the ROOT of your hair. Avoid attaching them to your scalp as this will cause your hair extensions to become stiff and they will not flow freely with your hair.            

Step 6: Give The Final Touches – next do finishing of your attached extension. When your extension is in place, then let your hair down and trim any pieces that look unnatural and do not blend in.

Following these steps you can attach your extension simply at home and can change your looks and style whenever you want.

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