15 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7

Keyboard and Mouse both are useful to boot your work on computer. Some time we use keyboard shortcuts to make our work easy. There are lots of options in the computer that we never know but when we use the option regularly they become very easy for us. Here we are sharing some useful keyboard shortcuts that will help us to work fast.

15 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7:

Keyboard Shortcut

S.No Shortcut Keys Actions
1 Alt + D Reach on Address bar in open browser
2 Alt + Tab Move Open Programes
3 Ctrl + Shift + ESC Open Task Manager
4 Ctrl + Shift + N Create New Folder
5 Ctrl + Window Button + F Search dolument from network
6 Window + L Lock Computer
7 Window Button + (+,-) Zoom IN or Zoom Out
8 Window Button + D Show the desktop
9 Window Button + Down Arrow minimize current open window
10 Window Button + E Open Window Explorer
11 Window Button + F Open Search Option
12 Window Button + P Open Duplicate, extend, project mode
13 Window Button + Right Arrow or Left Arrow Compare two opened programes
14 Window Button + T Highlight Taskbar Items
15 Window Button + Up Arrow Maximize current open window

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