Instances Where Casinos Became your Saviour in a Disaster

It is a well-known fact that casinos, as a part of local communities, have helped during many natural disasters. The truth is that casinos are not mere sites of entertainment. They have offered a lot of help in times of need. They may be providing shelters, donating funds, or providing food to the victims; casinos never step back when the localities are in trouble. They put their resources to use in such conditions to help not just people but their pets as well. And here are some instances where online casinos have done their bit:

1. Wynn Resorts contributed 7.5 million for disaster relief in Macau and Houston

Two years back, a storm hit two different cities where Wynn Resorts had just opened their casinos. The disasters occurred just a few days apart. First, a typhoon devastated Macau causing a lot of damage, and then Hurricane Harvey blew through parts of Houston. Although the two events were about 8,000 miles apart, they created a massive impact on the lives of communities in both areas.

That is when Wynn Resorts contributed $7.5 million to help the local communities and support the rebuilding efforts. They gave $3.75 million to help local businesses and local families of Macau through volunteering, distributing water and supplies, and cleaning up. They donated another $3.75 million to those affected by the hurricane in Houston. Wynn helped in the emergency relief, rebuilding, and support at Houston.

2. Centaur Gaming helped animals following Hurricane Harvey

It was not just the local casinos that helped after Harvey. Centaur held a fundraising campaign for animals impacted by the Harvey Hurricane. The guests at Indiana Grand Racing & Casino and Hoosier Grand Racing & Casino donated about $25,000 along with Centaur Gaming, contributing $10,000 more, and the donation went to the American Red Cross Society.

Centaur Gaming, from the very beginning, has been concerned about the safety of animals. It is committed to the cause and has done a lot of work through partnerships with organisations that help with animal protection and racehorse retirement. That is why the team needed to rescue and help other animals that were in danger following the hurricane.

The collected funds were distributed between the Houston Humane Society, San Antonia Humane Society and the SPCA of Texas. These efforts from Centaur Gaming helped a lot in restoring the lives of the victims.

3. Rolling Hills Casino invited the victims of the Carr Fire in California

The Carr Fire, the most destructive fire in California’s history, burnt down 229,651 acres of land and killed eight people. About 40,000 people were evacuated across seven countries. The light went on for weeks and caused widespread devastation.

In major disasters like this, people have to evacuate their homes, but too often, they would not want to leave their pets behind.
That is where the Royal Hill Casino helped. It opened its doors to evacuees as well as their pets and provided beds and food to the evacuees.

4. Ocean Resort Casino offered free stays for the victims of Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Florence was a Level 4 disaster. Even though it slowed down before the landfall, due to mandatory evacuations across South Carolina, Virginia, and North Carolina, people needed a place to stay, along with their pets.

Ocean Resort Casino in Atlantic City provided shelter to the public during the situation.

With 1,400 rooms, the Ocean Resort Casino provided a stay for anyone who came from the Hurricane Florence area by presenting their ID proof to assure that they came from a broadly affected area. Evacuees could call them up to reserve spaces. The step became so popular and helpful that they filled all their rooms.

5. Encore Boston Harbor Casino contributed $100,000 to a gas explosion victims of Massachusetts

Weather services can track natural disasters, and the potential victims can prepare for it. Still, nothing could prepare the Massachusetts residents when gas mains exploded, and many houses were destroyed, leaving people homeless.

The Encore Boston Harbor Casino is a vital part of the local community and wanted to help in any possible way. Some of its managers were native to the affected area, which is why the casino announced, “During the tough times, we need to step up and make a difference”.

The casino donated $100,00 to help the victims and hosted job fairs in Greater Lawrence as well as offer English-as-a-second language classes to the residents. It also reserved 25 scholarships to the company’s casino dealer schools for people in the impacted areas.

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