India’s Colorful Festival – Holi

Holi is India’s colorful Festival Which Celebrated by Hindus or Non Hinduism religions. On These special occasion, Every People saying HAPPY HOLI to each other by playing with colours.  Every religion of Indian people are celebrate this day with joyfully and colourfully.

History Of Holi

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hiranya kaship was king which born by lord Brahma. He said to every people that start pray to him and stop worship to God. prahlad was son of hiranya kaship which was a big devotee of lord vishnu. Hiranya kaship was angry for his son. he wanted kill prahlad , but every time he  not suceed in his mission. At last his sister “Holika”( who could not die by fire) invite to his kingdom.

She told prahlad to sit on the lap, but prahlad was safe and holika was died. After his sister’s death, He again try to kill his son prahlad but this time lord vishnu came as a narasimha(half man and half animal) and killed the hiranya kaship.After hiranyakshipu’s sister Holika death, every year celebrated this day as Holi festival in India.

Holi Celebration in Office

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India is country of festivals and rich culture or integral part of  Indian’s life. Holi is festival of colours. This is celebrate with happiness on mid spring of every year. Holi is beautiful and colorful festival of India which celebration begin on the last day of Phalgun. Indian People can use liquid and dry colours to celebrate this day. On this Day, Every people wish Holi to each other and use colors to celebrate this days.

Mostly Places Holi festival is celebrate in two days, first day holi and second day celebrate as “dhulandi”. On this day, ladies or girls prepare sweet dishes and delicious food at home. Special pooja on this day and decorate their home with rangoli.

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