How to Buy Indian Tapestry with Free Shipping

Indian wall hanging tapestry is famous art of India. Indian artist of wall hanging tapestry are using ethnic style, various design and beautiful color combinations. They are used intricate and beautiful embroidery on this tapestry.

Artist of Indian tapestry are carefully crafted all wall hanging tapestry. Tapestry are gorgeous piece of Indian art of textile. This tapestry are use as a Curtain, Table cloth, bed cover, bedspreads, wall hanging etc. Mostly tapestry is hand painted on 100% cotton fabric and very comfortable to use.

how to use wall hanging Tapestry

Each piece of Indian tapestry was created with traditional culture, colors and patterns. Indian quilts and throw are also describe the Indian culture which is perfect and suitable piece of your home decor. Many tapestries are decorated with embroidery work which are used as bed cover in your room.

A wall hanging tapestry is a textile piece and come in a wide range of sizes, designs and patterns. Tapestry is pervasive work of textile art which is throughout historical Europe. Many Cathedrals and churches had a number of ornate tapestry and they are told stories of king and religious scenes. Tapestry was rolled up piece which is very easy to transport. Many circumstances are use this tapestry in static and murals form.

Indian tapestry wall hangings uses

HandiCrunch offer various collection of Indian tapestry which are hand crafted wall hanging. We have various collection of wall hanging tapestry like patchwork tapestry, vintage work tapestry, tree of life tapestry, kantha work tapestry, elephant print tapestry, sun printed tapestry and many other wall hanging tapestry. Our all piece of tapestry are give Indian culture touch in your home decor.

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