How Your Business can benefit from iBeacon Apple Technology

The launch of location-sensing iBeacon technology has brought Apple back in the limelight. A beacon is a device that shows ways to sailors on sea. Today, in the sea of technology, we all need such a beacon. Several people may be interested in knowing what it precisely does, as this technology is fairly new.

iBeacon Apple Technology

The iBeacon is device that tells other Apple device owners that you are around, and there are several ways that you can take advantage of this software. For a business, it can result in significant money savings if they begin to use the Apple iBeacon. There are several concerns for an average user that can be put to rest with the use of Apple iBeacon.

What does an Apple iBeacon do?

It is obvious that most of us are smartphone users in today’s world. However, smartphones come with their limitations. They do not work well in indoor spaces. Often messages are not delivered or calls are not received.

This cannot be blamed on the phone. Rather it is the limitation of the network provider. It is quite difficult to locate GPS-enabled devices in restricted places. The iBeacon technology can help to resolve this issue.

The iBeacon is a low cost hardware which can be easily attached to the wall or a counter. It uses Bluetooth and other technologies to connect to the intended device. It has the ability to transmit all those missed calls and messages to the phone promptly. It is also very battery efficient. Businesses can make a great use of it by installing one of these in their premises.

Why use an Apple iBeacon?

An Apple iBeacon has various uses. It allows a business to provide lots of information to the consumer without additional costs. For example, in a supermarket if a person is looking for a certain product, the iBeacon can provide the right guidance (to users who have opted in for the technology).

Retail businesses can benefit a lot from this device. It is like a submarine device that provides directions. Imagine you want to get in touch with a certain employee. The Apple iBeacon will harness all the tools available, like Bluetooth and GPS, to track them down and deliver your message. For retailers, it is even more beneficial because this device can push product information, sales updates and other information to in-store customers. In addition, it can also speed up the checkout process.

How can businesses use the Apple iBeacon?

There are hundreds of people who use the iPhone and various other Apple devices. The iBeacon has the capability of tracking them down. It offers consumers various possibilities that are irresistible.

Imagine a visit to supermarket on a weekend. Customers usually have to stand in a long queue to just pay your bill and get out. However, if they have an iPhone or iPad, they can simply connect to iBeacon and pay the bills without being held up in a queue. The iBeacon automatically detects an iOS user and connects to them in a business environment.

Security concerns with Apple iBeacon

Users do not have to be worried about security, as the iBeacon does not use any other information that is already stored in their iPhone or iPad. It does not transmit any information from the iPhone or iPad, and it is just for one time use.

A store that has the iBeacon installed will automatically detect the customer if the customer is an Apple device owner. The shoppers can choose to enable the service and carry out the transactions in a safe and secure environment. The iBeacon uses the existing mobile GPS and Bluetooth to contact customer, and nothing beyond that.

Wrap up

The iBeacon works just with Apple devices and not with any other mobile software (although it could potentially be used with Android devices too). For now, its benefits can only be reaped by an Apple user.

This software has been designed especially for iPhone users. It is also not to be confused with an App because it is a software with its own hardware. The iBeacon is still in its early days and has a great future ahead. However, it has been catching up in the retail market very fast.

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