How WordPress Themes can reduce your website’s Bounce Rate

Every site owner must have noticed various peculiar visitors’ pattern at some or the other point of time in their online endeavors. Likewise, all the sites have surely experienced frequent page-hopping and less time being spent on its pages, while most of the others find the visitors landing on particular page and pull back from that point only. While this activity is being seen as normal in terms of Google search, it has gradually become the cause of concern for most of the site owners. The odd practice of leaving the site from entry page itself is called bouncing and the percentage of the visitors leaving the site in the single page sessions is called Bounce Rate.

How WordPress Themes can reduce your website’s Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate is literally a situation where a visitor lands your site but leave it without clicking on other pages. The reasons may vary ranging from the non-engaging site content to the lackluster look of the page. This may usually happens when the visitor lands the site through search engines or links but could not find your site interesting enough to spend more time on the page or explore the site.

So what literally goes into improvising your page views and reducing the bounce rate? You may have plenty of check points to enhance the site viewing experience like improvising your page load speed, improvising site design and formatting post, giving visual effects, adding most appropriate keywords in title, tags and meta description, using relevant and well refined content to engage the visitors over longer period of time  on your various sections.

However all of these check points have a common factor associated to it! Surprised? Don’t be! Let me tell you all the above check points have been created to reach only one goal – viewers’ engagement with the site over the longer period of time. A few of my colleagues running startups or doing good in their senior positions are often seen struggling to reduce the bounce rates of their sites.

Google may term the higher bounce rate as normal but if you ask the site owners, it will turn out that the higher bounce rate had certainly spelled negative in their business. The sites with higher bounce rate have been found to be detrimental in achieving the long term business goals, especially when the concerning companies deal in e-commerce, fashion, corporate, consultants or lead capturing ventures. The specific thing is that bounce rate is inversely proportional to the business volumes a site owner is aspiring to achieve.

But what if I tell you that in any wordpress site dealing in any of the business, products or services, the game changer of modern times is the new age wordpress themes. With the maximum research on getting the right theme for the particular genre of website, wordpress themes are now influencing the likes and affinity of the visitors towards the particular site. As you create the content in order to impress Google, similarly the wordpress themes are bound to impress the visitors and lessen the bounce rates.

Agreed, content plays an important role but a good content presented without sheen is just like the fine tasting cake without icing. To gain great number of eyeballs and hold them on requires a good amount of visual phenomena to your sites and that happens only when your site carries itself with aplomb and flaunt the design and tone which compliment the nature of products or services served on the site. So, it is all about making your site more interactive through use of clean and responsive wordpress themes.

Let’s go with an example here. Globally renowned wordpress theme maker SketchThemes has recently come up with a unique theme called LeadSurf – Lead Capture Cum Landing Page WordPress Theme. Before the launch of this theme, there were limited options of such a kind of wordpress theme which not only capture the leads for upcoming products but also serve as the landing page to promote special features of the said products or services. Unlike LeadSurf, other lead capturing themes have either only single option or they come with non-appealing visual design. However, an innovation over LeadSurf has made the things favorable for those business ventures seeking two in one option of capturing leads and flashing out landing page. Nonetheless, the attractive designs enriched with suitably toned content make little room for the bounce rate, as the landing page prompts the visitors to hold on and fill the lead capture form.

There are few other examples like this. Take another wordpress theme Convac from SketchThemes. This Forbes listed multi-author blogging theme enhances the readers’ experience of reading through blogs as it gently captivates their imagination as they tread through the words.

So Guys, here’s is what I truly think that if you are facing the situation of alarmingly high bounce rates, then think seriously about changing theme. Go for it and make your site interactive enough to catch the visitors’ ultimate desire!!

Author bio – Surbhi Jaiswal is a professional WordPress developer associated with SketchThemes – a leading Marketplace providing premium WordPress themes and plugins to WordPress users across the world.

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