How we do use tapestry at home

When you want to decorate your home, many of effort or thought goes into buying just the right pieces. You can use these tapestries in different ways for decorating your bed room, guest room and dining room.

 home decor with indian tapestry

Now, we are discuss about, how we decorate our home with these tapestry.

1. Bedsheet:– You can use these tapestry as bedsheets at your room. These tapestry are skin friendly, so you can easily use these tapestry at your bedroom. Mostly women are prefer king size and queen size tapestry for decor their bed.

2. Tea table:– On tapestry, various sizes, patterns and designs are available. Mostly ladies are using these tapestry for their tea table. They can buy small size tapestry for decorating their table. They use tapestry like this:-

3. Dinning Table:– 100% cotton made wall hanging tapestry is very high in quality and also crafted in various colors and designs. You can add style at your dining table by placing these beautiful tapestry as a table cloth.

These are some usages of Indian wall hanging tapestry which have various designs like hippie mandala, cycle of age, sun and moon, dragon hippie mandala and many other.

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