How To Wear Bracelets – Without Exaggerating

Men’s bracelets have taken many forms in recent years. From puka shells after a beach vacation to the so-called folding bracelets forbidden by schools everywhere in the 90s. And also think of the neon plastic bracelets craze from 2004 … and the counterfeit versions that appeared on many wrists worldwide.If you forget those trends for a moment, you will notice that one constant remains – bracelets.bracelet world co will help you to know more about the bracelet fashion.

A bracelet is one of the easiest accessories to wear. A small strap made of leather or beads can give an outfit that extra bit of ‘wow’, and it can help us to carry out a piece of our personality without having to say a word. It can be a hint to your life outside office hours, or the way to share a certain vibe with the people around you.The key to wearing bracelets is convenience.

If you get that and don’t fall prey to any bracelet trend in the world – WWJD, anyone? – or look like you just got off the plane after a month long yoga retreat in Bali.


Convenience can be achieved with just a few bracelet basics:

• Dimensions and fit
• Overall style
• Know where you are going


Your bracelet must match your posture in size and have a good fit.Basically it means that you wear a wider bracelet around a somewhat thicker wrist and thinner, narrower bracelets on thinner wrists.

Furthermore, the bracelet must also be tight enough to fit comfortably on your wrist. Some bracelets, such as beaded bracelets on elastic, are only available in one size (one-size-fits-all) and have limited wear, depending on how elastic they are.

A thick, bulky metal bracelet that glides up and down over your arm will show signs of wear faster. Everything with considerable weight must fit well, while lighter bracelets may have more play.


Which look are you going for? That is the key question. Bracelets – and accessories in general – are used to personalize your overall appearance. Think about the message that you want to convey with your style.
Do you remember what we said about convenience? That is what we want to achieve.
A good tip is to keep it natural.

Natural materials such as leather, wood and stone usually last longer and over time often look nicer (vintage). The color of this material is also easier to wear and match with almost any outfit.

Wearing shiny stuff can sometimes quickly look like a hip hop video … but in the wrong way. Avoid this by combining metals with natural elements. Leather, for example, ensures that metal has a masculine look and temperes the whole vibe a bit … in the right way.

Your bracelet shows a message and some people will ask you if there is a specific meaning behind it. Choose a bracelet that suits you and tells your story. Or come up with a story about a trip to Bali, or that you have figured in a 50 Cent video.


Remember: you can also take off a bracelet .

You may have one or two favorites, but you don’t have to wear them always and everywhere. Not every bracelet is suitable for all occasions.For many formal contexts, we recommend a thin, discreet single bracelet in a dark color. Or you can, for example, also wear a silver or gold colored necklace that matches the color of your cufflinks.


Everything looks so easy on Instagram. The problem with copying what we see on social media is that we quickly become ‘the guy’, the Armband guy. A kind of caricature of a stylish man where, despite the look that you have been given, everyone only sees the number of bracelets on your arm.


Style and good clothing are about balance (or maybe a little off balance, even better). Consider both wrists as two sides of a classic scale. one can only be slightly heavier than the other. This concept is called visual weight .

You don’t want to wear various bracelets on one wrist, and none at all on the other. But you also don’t want the exact same thing . unless you want a complete look with chains and chains.

Stand in front of the mirror and view yourself. If in doubt, take off a bracelet. You can always put it on again tomorrow.

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