How to Use Social Media to Support Your Business

How to Use Social Media to Support Your BusinessAlthough there are many things that business owners can do to build their brand and increase conversion rates, using social media to accomplish these objectives can be particularly effective. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that social media is a cost-effective medium and has the potential to help a company go “viral.” If you are a business owner interested in leveraging social media to ensure that your company gets more sales, the social media-based strategies found below can be of great assistance to you.

1. Blogging.

Blogging is an incredibly effective social media channel that business owners can utilize to ensure that they experience perpetual expansion and growth. The reason blogging is so effective for business owners is that it enables them to have meaningful conversations with customers rather than simply sharing information regarding the great value of their goods and services. There are several ways that business owners can make their blogs interactive. For example, you can include Share Buttons in a blog that allow visitors to pass the blog posts they find interesting along to everyone in their social network. Additionally, you can invite people to join a weekly e-newsletter that includes special offers and promotions. There are several other incredibly effective ways that you can monetize your blog, including through eBook sales, affiliate marketing, and pay-per-click ads.

2. Go Viral With Twitter.

Another effective social media strategy you can use to support your business is tweeting via Twitter. With this strategy, you would tweet a link to your product pages to everyone in your social network. This tweet could also include a value-adding or eye-catching element such as a contest announcement or a free gift offer. By including this type of value-adding component to the tweet, it becomes “viral worthy,” meaning that the people who receive the tweet are likely to retweet it to everyone in their social networks. Once this happens, the tweet can reach millions and millions of people-in a matter of minutes. If you’re using Google+, this post on ripples will assist in understanding how virality works on this particular social media channel.

3. Hold Contests.

Contests are a fun and cost-effective way for you to promote your business. Many business owners are already using this strategy to generate more wealth for themselves, and you can do it too. First you must select which social media channel through which to hold the contest. In many cases, Facebook is an excellent option. To ensure that you get the greatest return on investment for your contest, be sure that you promote it well so that you have a large number of participants. Next, be sure to ensure that the winner receives a promotional prize that advertises your goods and products. This can be anything from a t-shirt or pencil that bears your brand name on it.


Although the aforementioned outline does not provide you with a comprehensive list of social media strategies you can utilize to build your business via social media, it does give you several sound techniques that you can begin to implement. In so doing, you will likely find that your business starts generating more wealth than you thought possible. Good luck! Continue one from this article to the Kaizen Digital blog and learn a bit more about social media.

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