How to Spray on Tie-Dye a T-shirt

You Can use spray for making new design on your wall hanging, scarf, t-shirt, tote bag and many other fabri. You can make new and pretty design on your clothes which gives beautiful and stylish look.

How to Spray on Tie-Dye

These are simple steps for spray on tie-dye:-

Step 1:-

Spray can easily splatter, so you need empty space and you can easily clean. You can use outdoor or backyard area or also use room at indoor.

Step 2:-

Now, you have to use plastic sheeting on your room(where you can spray) or tarp over the surfaces. Before tie-dye, you wash your piece and confirm piece is dry.

Step 3:-

After this, remove spray bottle top and also mix the dye directly ( use instruction of mixing) and add hot tap water. Now, tighten the cap and shake the dye to mix it. For check color mixture , you can use small piece of white piece. Repeat this process for making another color combination of dye.

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