How to Remove Spammy Referral Traffic from Google Analytic?

Google Analytics is the best tool to check traffics of your website. For this you need to add its tracking code in your website. With the help of Google Analytic we can check Organic, Direct, Paid and Referral Traffics.

If your website traffics have increased suddenly then you need to check your referral visits. Do you have most of visits from the following the sources:


If yes then you need to fix the issue, because these are spam traffics. Not useful for your websites, just creating by bots.

Here is  3 Useful Ways to Remove Spam Referral Sources from Google Analaytic:

1. Referral Exclusion List:

Google Analaytics >> Tracking Info >> Referral Exclusion List

Add Referal Exclusion

2. Bot and Spider Filtering: This option would be labeled “Exclude traffic from known bots and spiders”. Selecting this option will exclude all hits that come from bots and spiders on the IAB know bots and spiders list.

bot filter

3. Remove a site from our seed list:

Remove SEMalt


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