How To Plan Your Golf Travel Experience

Golfing is a sport which has appealed to a select few bunch of people from around the world. There are two usual forms of taking a golf vacation. There is either the option of purchasing a package or going alone. Both these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Going Alone

Going alone offers the most freedom in terms of choice and in terms of content. If you want to travel to the best golf courses in the world and not be tied down by a specific itinerary, then this is the best method. You can visit the great courses in Scotland, the famous English courses or even world renowned courses in Florida such as Sawgrass.

Golf Travel Experience

Planning such a trip is a joy in itself with the number of options available for golf travel. You can go through just about the world for locations and pick the perfect timing and hotel for your vacation. Then manage your travel to such a place and book your rooms and your tee times. It can be fun but can also be quite overwhelming. You’ll have to be very detailed and will have to go over each aspect of your trip and if something goes wrong sometime or the other, you will be the one to blame.

This can get quite tiresome and thus, the best option to take would be a packaged option, which would reduce the hassle that you would otherwise go through.


Though this method does not give a lot of freedom in terms of choice, it usually includes everything. From hotel rooms, tee times, carts, caddies, etc. you get everything planned and nothing to do on your own. You can also make a lot of savings if you choose packages which feature heavy discounts during off-seasons.

Golf travel packages come in all incarnations. There are two to three days stays at smaller and little known resorts that could run up to a thousand dollars. There is also the sought after 10-day stay which includes just about everything and can cost many thousands of dollars. That being said, no matter what your preferences or the size of your wallet, there is an option for everybody. Since there are so many options, it is important to go through all of them and not just jump at the first good option available.

Golf travel specials are given and available everywhere and at any time of the year. The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trial, for example, allows people to play three rounds of its awesome course for only $45. $45 for three rounds sounds like a great deal. Golfing packages have on disadvantage and that is the time that is associated with them. You have a pre-decided amount of time and choosing to stay at a specific place may turn out to be very expensive affair. Specials are not offered year round but are provided to boost sales and get more business during off-seasons and slow times. Say, it is too hot in the South, courses will lower their rates and offer specials. Similarly, in the north, when it gets too cold, courses slash rates to attract golfers.

However, the advantages are significant. Savings is the first aspect. You also get better hotel rooms for less money, guaranteed tee times on famous courses, carts included in the rates and other advantages. You also get sparsely crowded courses and that helps in enjoying the course to its fullest.

The choice is really up to you. If you’d rather plan everything yourself and are confident that you will not miss out on anything, then choose to go alone. However, pick a package if you want to leave your home knowing that you have a professional plan and that everything ahead of you has been set up.


Richard Kavanagh is a golf instructor and golf travel expert. Richard has helped scores of golfers sort their golf travel plans out and his contacts and expertise in planning the perfect golfing trip has helped many people achieve their dreams of playing golf at exotic locations.

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