How to Optimize Image for Search Engine

Nobody can neglect the importance of image for generate traffic from search engine. If you want to get traffic from image then you need to know how to optimize image for search engine ranking.

Fortunately, it is very easy process; here is an easy tutorial to learn how to optimize your image in search engine.

1.    Alt Text: If you are thinking what “Alt Text” the simple answer is, this is a normal text that the search engine uses to read any image. You can write it as: (alt=”alt text”)

Example: <img src=”alt-text.jpg” alt=”alt text” />

Alt Text - Image Optimization in the Search Engine

2.    File Size: Loading time also effects in image optimization in the search engine. If you have a large image then you can use Image Optimizer and Picnik to make the image file size small without image quality sacrificing.

3.    File Name: Create descriptive image file name because it helps to the search engine to read your image. Put your target keyword in your image file name for better result.

Example: alt-text.jpeg

4.    Image Caption: There is not direct relation between image caption and the search engine ranking but it is also important to image optimization because caption is only the text that read by google-bot related to image that you are optimizing.

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