How to Make Tie Dye Bed Sheets

Tie- day print on tropical bedcover is popular piece for decoration on home. This is textile based bed cover that is beautifully printed with tropical tie dye. Bold colors on tie dye print is popular in the 1960s and 1970s.

History of products

Before 70s tie-dye was known as shibori. Many cultures was used variety of resist dyeing techniques over 6000 years which is known in Japanese terms. Today, tie and dye is popular, interesting and exciting art form. In Some areas this art is describe patterns that made colors in preventing dye form.

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Categories of products

Tie dye print use various color black, blue, yellow, brown, green, orange, white, pink, teal, lime green etc. In this different patterns are use in tie dye printed bed cover or cloths. Patterns are Tropical, patchworks, flower, palm tree etc. tie dye printed on tropical fabrics is very useful for every age group.

Tie dye printed bed cover care

Tie-dye printed cloth washed in cold water. Colorful clothes Do not mix with another colorful clothes. Dye printed clothes washed with natural. Tie dye printed bed-cover is very beautiful looking piece of traditional and attractive art. is provide home decorative and furnishing items which are design for your beautiful room and your modern home. This pieces is crafted for decor your room that bright up and enhance your living.

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