How to Make the Best of Your Small Office Space

The first and the most important thing that one needs to keep in mind when renting an office space is – the total budget! This budget not only includes the rent for the office space but also the decorations, the basic necessities and of course the unavoidable broker charges (if you are lucky enough you may not have to go through a broker).

The most common thing that happens with small start-ups, which are looking for renting an office space, is that they end up going for a small office space for rent in Bangalore because of the budget constraints. Whether an office is small or not depends on the needs of the office and the number of employees.

Small Office Space

Here are a few tips that will help you to maximise your small office space, to get the maximum benefits from it:

1. The key tool when it comes to accommodating well within a small place is to keep it vertical as much as possible. Go for wall closets that have the wall as the back support and the shelves attached to them. Take these shelves as high as possible but not so high that one cannot reach the top if necessary. This will not only help you in saving money but also save up some space for you.

2. You should go for joined desks sitting two or three people. Do not go for separate desks as they will take up more space, no matter how small the surface of the desk might be.

3. The problem with a small space is that all the wires from your computers stand a very high chance of getting tangled up with each other. Even if you try to keep them neat and separate, you will surely find that they have gotten tangled on fine day, especially when you are late for a meeting or presentation. So, the best way to tackle this crisis would be to label your wires so that you know which one leads back to which machine!

4. You cannot afford to keep your desk spaces cluttered. This gives the office an untidy look which does not bode well, especially when it is a small office space.

5. Use every corner of the office. Fix in a little cabinet here and there. Try to keep the tops empty and fill it up with some kind of decoration, like a potted plant or a little lamp.

6. Use bright colours on the walls. When it comes to a small office space, there are high chances that it can get a little cramped up which might make it a little dark than usual. So use light and bright wall paint so that it seems that the rooms receive enough light. Choose the style and colour of your drapes accordingly and even the cabinets.

7. You can use wooden partitions to create a separate room within the space if you feel that you do need another room, no matter how small it might be.

These are a few simple tricks to make sure that you can make the best of your small office space!

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