How to Improve the Instagram Video Watching Experience?

Posting videos on social media sites help users and advertisers to create a larger audience base. Till now, Facebook allowed its users to post and share videos. In fact, Instagram also began to allow its advertisers to post videos for 15 seconds, though it has brought other changes to the feature. This provision makes it easy for business owners to promote their videos and increase traffic to their site, thus increasing site’s rank on search engine result pages. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the new features added by Instagram regarding its video posts and how you can make your videos better.

Instagram Video Watching

The Latest Development in the Video Sharing Feature

A few months back, the maximum time for which a video can run was extended to 60 seconds. The benefit of a one-minute long video has been introduced to offer a better user experience. Users can now create and watch videos with great fun. With longer videos, viewers get an opportunity to know more about their preferred site or celebrity.
However, the duration of the videos is not more than a minute as viewers might switch from one video to another, without watching the whole video.

Also, users will now be able to create videos using more than one clip from their cameras.They will not switch to other apps to bring multiple clips underone video.

Add Videos to Instagram

You can easily add videos from your phone or your computer to Instagram. This offers you a better chance to shoot and edit videos, bring clips together and add sound effects.

Besides being able to shoot videos with the Instagram app, you can also use the phone’s camera app. Whether your videos are on your phone or your computer, getting them on Instagram can increase your reach. The more interesting and appealing videos you share, the more Instagram likes you receive.

How to Improve the Quality of Your Video on Instagram?

# Use transitions to make your video look smooth

If you are moving from one shot to another, you should make sure that the video does not look broken or irrelevant. In order to render an elegant flow to your video, you can add an object as a divider between two separate shots.

# Change depth of field or bring something to focus

In movies, you must have watched how scenes from the background come into focus or scenes already in focus become bleak in order to bring something else into focus. You can tap on the screen of the phone to keep the subject in focus while shooting the video. Constant movement can take the subjectout of focus. You need to pay attention to the subject and make sure that it does not run out of focus. You can tap on the screen to push something out of focus or pull focus.

# Edit your video

Editing is a significant part of shooting video as without it, no advertisement can look as good as it does. Beforeyou start to shoot a video, you must know what you want to shoot. This reduces the editing time and gives you a solid shot at the very first instance. You need to mull over certain things like the topic or story of the video, the beginning, and end of the video, the duration of the video and more.


Now, that you have information about the different ways, in which you can create Instagram videos, go ahead and get them done. Your one-minute video can turn into a much-viewed advertisement among your followers.

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