How to Get a Job Right after Completing Your Graduation?

The major concern after passing school is what stream of study one could pursue in college. The choice in today’s time is many. Right from science pass outs to commerce and arts pass-outs the range of courses one could enroll them in is vast. While science students have the option of opting for an engineering course, study of medicine or any standard honors stream; arts and commerce pupils can choose from a lucid range of business administration studies, study of fine arts, courses in hotel management & hospitality management, study of law, media and journalism study from some top colleges. Apart from these courses arts and commerce students also have doors open for traditional honors like B.Com and B.A.

Job after Graduation

Concentrating on the scope and disciplines of study offered by the field of commerce and management shall help the non-science enthusiastic scholars. The common myth about commerce graduates is that the “not so sharp” pupils opt for the field of study. Numerous evidence exists which is enough to break the myth. All scope of study has different prospects to offer. Commerce is mostly suitable for people who wish to work on the field of accounting or related departments. There remains a vast field of specialization a commerce student could pursue in college, which in turn open many doors of bright earning options. The top colleges in Dehradun and other metros have got to offer a lot to the enthusiastic.

  • Com: This degree course demands 3 years for completion. The basics and fundamentals of accounting and finance form the preliminary subject matter of the course. The major subjects in the included in this stream of study are economics, corporate accounting, entrepreneurship, income tax, auditing, business regulatory framework, business communication, company laws, marketing, mathematics, and computer application.


  • A or B.Sc in Economics: This field is taken up by students of all discipline. The field is vast enough to incorporate and aggregate the ideas and potential of all kinds of bright minds. Students get exposed to subject matters like microeconomics, macroeconomics, development economics, health and public relations, international trade, mathematics and statistics, industry study and so on.


  • BBA: Bachelors of Business Administration is a course which deeply concentrates on the realm of handling and mastering the process of administering a business process. It is well celebrated in the Top B.Com Hons Colleges In Dehradun and major urban areas. The technology and methodologies used in the various department of operating a successful business are taught in the course. Students get practical and first-hand exposure to expertise in business handling.


  • LLB: Bachelor of Law is the perfect channel for those who wish to utilize their negotiation and defending skill to get things done. A detailed study of the constitutional outline regarding various laws and regulation in the country is enlightened in the course. One could further specialization in corporate law and tax law.


  • Diploma in digital marketing: This is one of the brightest career courses for commerce graduates. The present era demands an enormous amount of marketing or specifically marketing in digital media across all business units. Digital marketers have a high scope of bagging lucrative incentives too.


  • CA: Chartered Accountant is a dream title most commerce graduate aspires for. Administered and granted by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India the course is a professional one. It opens the scope of being an independent entrepreneur or a freelance CA. Moreover, many companies and financial institutions hire CAs for conducting accounting functions.

Hotel and hospitality management courses enlighten the students to superintendent the numerous departments of a hotel. As far as the scope and prospect of hospitality and hotel management courses is concerned the following could act as a guiding light.

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management: The program is popularly known as B.H.M. The full time 4-year program trains and equips students through rigorous theoretical knowledge as well as the practical application of the skill learned. The skills learned would make routes for a bright prospect in the hotel as well as the tourism industry. One also learns to develop entrepreneur skills throughout the span of the course. Special focus is given on areas of communication skill, production of food, front end operational work, housekeeping training, accounting and business ethics, business laws, food and nutrition science, event management & public relations, human resource management, event & travel management.


  • Diploma in Hotel Management: This is a short course which takes about a year for completion. Since the course is a much more precise one than compared to a bachelor of hotel management, it focuses on some areas like front operation management, adoption of managerial skills, expertise in HR management, development of communication skills, production of food & study of nutrition, enlightenment in tourism & hotel management.


  • Sc in Hotel Management and Catering: This is a 3-year long bachelor’s course. Its primary focus lies on the fact of enlightening minds to be future sharp managers. The trainees are equipped to handle the accounting and marketing departments. The catering unit administration also falls under the job jurisdiction of the person. This course opens the opportunity for the pass outs to act either as an independent business head or as a part of a pre-existing unit.


  • B.A. In Hotel Management: The Bachelor’s of Business Administration specializing in hotel management is a 3 year program. The program lays special emphasis on developing business administration skill alongside focusing on the intricacies of hotel management. The combination of the two equips trainees to be extremely vigilant professionals in this particular field. The topics covered in the course are tourism management, human resource management, travel management, hotel and hospitality management, communication skill development and finally enlightenment in advertising artistry.

Now when the anxiety regarding which stream of study to choose from is settled the next step that carries a lot of weightage is what else needs to be done when in college alongside the course of study. A graduation degree forms the minimum eligibility criteria for most jobs. But in today’s time, the requirement to cultivate and search for earning ways is equally important as well as draining. Apart from training one’s self to be productive, lucratively communicative and sparklingly innovative, there remain other important things one needs to do apart from studies to bag the desired job.

  • Freeing One’s Self From The Boundaries Of The Classroom: It is a good practice to attend college lectures as it educates a student in an elaborate manner. But going beyond that is important. Be it the internet or any other source of gaining enlightenment enrolling and gaining specialized knowledge can act as the cherry on the cake. Developing soft skills can be good enough to impress anyone and everyone. The internet is a great boon in the present time. Surfing the net does help come across a variety of scopes. For a student fresh in college, the kind of job he/she might want to do is not easy to locate. Thus trying out various forms of internships could help one understand his/her likes and dislikes.


  • Relationship Building Skill: Be it more friends or acquaintances; having developed a world with people from a wide spectrum of fields, be it work or study, can be extremely helpful in developing ideas regarding a wide range of things. Interaction between the students of other departments, from other culture and fields, can at the same time be enlightening as well as relaxing. No one knows from where a job opportunity spurs up!


  • Allocate Time To Networking: At the present time the internet has gifted us enormous number of social networking sites, many of which acts primarily as job search portals. No one gets thousands of job leads at a go. But searching and enlightening one’s self regarding the various job opportunities present around is crucial. These networking sites allow interaction with various personalities from professional fields too. These might be helpful while building a career. At times seniors act as great guides. As they are the ones well versed with the tedious process of finding a job, they might be humble in helping the juniors. They could guide well in which strategy works and what does not function well.


  • Creating an Attractive Resume: Resume is the first thing that portrays a person in front of a recruiter. Constructing a crisp resume is necessary as the recruiter does not have ample time to read history. Thus jotting down the educational milestones one have achieved and the various training he/she had undergone in short sentences forms a good resume.


  • Attending Informal Interviews: It might be extremely confusing to find out which job is suitable looking just at the job title. They are mostly well ornamented with certain heavy words. Thus looking at the description might help one figure out to some extent. Even that might not be enough at times. Thus, it is a good idea to apply for jobs and attend interviews for whichever post seems convincing. This shall give an idea of what suits a person and what does not.



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